Saturday, May 26, 2012

Got it back


 Recently I have been finding it so hard to take out time to blog, and even harder to take out time to figure out how to fix my lost template on my own. Thanks to Sr Eva ( of Handmade Beginings ) I got my old template back again ...... Jazakallaho khairun. I was hoping you or some other fellow blogger would reply to my post and help me out, and she did !!!!! Alhumdolillah!

I have been wanting to share so many things and they are just piling up.......sigh!  Inshallah  soon.

 Right now I am just so happy to have my old blog look again:)


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arabic Huroof # 2

I have so many posts that have been just sitting in my drafts since a looooooong time....

Here's a simple thing we did after starting our Arabic Huroif as descriped in Arabic Huroof #1 post.

LilMualliamh was tested on huroof recognition. She colored the ones she knew and got a start for each one of them. 

She was soooooo excited throughout this activity Mashallah. That's what I love ! Simple and fun :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Naseehah "Gaurding the tongue"

Assalamo alaikum,
I would like to share this VERY IMPORATANT advice with all. I will be listening to it with my kids today for our Islamic Studies lessons. 
Todays Naseehah....... 
"Gaurd your tongue"

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lost my blog design!

I am just soooo.............. ! (sigh) nothing ! I was trying something out, made a silly mistake with the new blogger look and lost my blog template design. Can't find any upload option anywhere so can't bring the old design back again for now. There has got to be a way, I will have to work it out.

Hadith:Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho aliahi wasallam ) said,"PATIENCE is a VIRTUE !"


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