Saturday, March 12, 2016

Salah Centre Revisited


This post is my  commitment to redo the following project with my kids in a different way Inshallah. Once done I will update this post with the new pics Inshallah



Salah Centre

The following project will take more than a day to finish but we started out making it today. Inshallah when finished the Salah centre will be put up on the wall in the kids room where my Lil muallims can use is as a reminder of Salah timings, keep their after Salah dua and adhkar booklets and other cards related to Salah.

I took a bristol borad and folded in a 3 parts and cut off an extra strip from the bottom to use inside the salah centre.

Next Lil Muallim # 2 choose shiny craft paper I had lying around to make the cover of the Salah Centre. The cover is actually supposed to signify Bab us Salah the door of Jannah through which those established their prayers on time will enter.

Notice the key hole and the handle? That's for what we made next.......

We made a key with golden card stock and Lil muallim # 2 stuck praying persons coloring on it..... this was to depict the hadith As salatu miftahul Jannah .....Salah is the key to Paradise.

Inside Lil Muallim # 2 stuck the salah timings clock faces around the booklet on the hadith highlighting the importance of praying on time. Check it out.


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