Friday, July 27, 2012

My Reading basket


Do I intend to finish them all in Ramadan ? Now wouldn't that be great ! Actually I have partially read some, so we'll see how it goes with Quran recitation, my reading, kids reading and activities....not to mention all the regular stuff you do at home, especially in Ramadan.

Below are some of the main books in my reading basket, click on the image for details.
The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an for School Children

Atlas on the Prophet's BiographyAtlas of the Qur'an

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learning Virtues

Oh what beautiful gems you have !

I don't know about youyr kids, but my kids LOVE to play with play gems and treasure chests. 

Having done several different activities with them for play and learning, I have recently started a new one called.......
Gems and Jewels with them.

The activity is named after the book ........
Gems and Jewels

It is a compilation of wise sayings, interesting events and moral lessons from Islamic History. It is a book of great interest and a valuable source of wonderfully thought provoking qoutes as well as to learn some very important virtues, intellectual behaviour put out in an unforgettable way. 

After reading a few p[ages of the book I was aching to share it with my kids, but didn't want to sound preachy... hehe So I started marking my favorite qoutes from the book and finally made the activity basket.

I placed 3 different paclets of gems and jewels in small pouches. I actually made them choose which ones they wanted saying it was for an activity. For several dyas they kept asking when they could have them, and I kept saying when I'll make teh activity..hehee

The hype was created........ Alhumdolillah!

I placed the pouches in a basket along with a small treasure chest and the book in a basket. So what's the activity........

Well it's simple, Lil Muyallim # 1 or I read out a marked story or passage... depending on teh length of teh text they get to pick 1=2 small or large gems from teh pouch and put it in the treasure chest. Once the treasure chest will be full it will be theirs to play with whatever way they like. Till then it stays in the basket waiting to be filled. 

So you can surely imagine, how it is when they do sit for this activity. Each one of them wants to take out the gems and want the treasure chest to fill up so Alhumdolillah we get to read and discuss more than one of the passages.

Day before yesterday we read a very deep menaing one, so I had had illustrate examples for each point. As soon I was done, I heard exclamations that they should get more than two for that one as it was veeeeery long.... hahhaha

A win, win situation wouldn't you say......

Here's a sneak peak inside the treasure chest.......

They do look great don't they ? The chest is filling up day by day. Alhumdolillah :)

Oh and if you would like to see inside the book, you can see it here 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ramadan Read-a-thon Challenge Participants


So happy to know that Handmade Beginings is joining us in our Ramadan Read-a-thon Challenge...... Jazakallah for joining us......

Check out their post on Ramadan Reading 

If  you would like to join too, just paste our participant badge on your blog. If you don't have a blog, just let us know you are joining us through the comments.

Hoping to hear from more of you......there are no hard and fast rules, just reading Islamic books for the sake of Allah. Gaining Allah's pleasure..... No there can be no better prize than that ! 


Want to know more about our Ramadan Read-a-thon Challenge, click on the image below or here.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Adhan 24/7


I had read about this in an article some 20 years ago in a kids magazine back home. Since then I have been looking for that article, wishing I had kept it. So when I came across this video posted on The Muslim Hoemschooler I was ecstatic.  I would liek to repost the video here as I have simply loved this fact all these years and talked about it to people. The visual presentation makes it all the more humbling..... Subhanallah!

Another beautiful thing mentioned in the article was that all the people praying Salah in their own areas around the world, are actually an extension and continuity of the expanding circles bowing down to Allah the All Mighty, facing the Kabaah our Qiblah in Mecca.. the following aerial views of Masji dul Haram show just that.... you can imagine yourself.
An idea of an activity/craft illustrating this phenomenon is growing in my mind.......I just might do it tomorrow with the kids, Beidhnillah! See our other Adhan post here.

Quran Translation


In the past we have discussed the meaning and explanation of the Quran while memorizing surahs, discussing stories of the Prophets or other topics.

This Ramadan by the Grace and Mercy of Allah we have embarked on the Beautiful journey of reading the Translation of Quran from the beginning, while discussing the backgrounds of certain verses and all that comes with it. We are trying to know what Allah has said to us, so we can improve our understanding of the Quran and Allah's expectations from us.... Beidhnillah

We are using Yahya Emerick's .............
The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an for School Children
Click on image to see inside the book
A kind friend introduced us to this wonderful translation. May Allah make it one the best source of sadaq e jariah for her Ameen. It is indeed a very easy read with kids compared to other translations available. It is unique in it's approach for facilitate understanding for young children. It is a complete running translation of the Quran in simple English with wonderful introduction to surahs or topics,  back grounds of verses, simple illustrations. The best feature in my opinion is the division of Ayahs under headings as the topic changes within a surah. It is a wonderful project and a must have for every home with kids 7-18. May Allah bless and reward all the people responsible for publishing this much needed book.

I am trying to read it with Lil Muallim # 1 and 2, with Lil Muallimah sitting with us at times. I have to admit she can get interruptive at times. Then, boys are boys and can be quite fidgety, so I am trying to keep them engaged by showing them related material and short discussions in the middle, keeping it interactive. I also let them fiddle around with something in their hands, which somehow makes them sit it out for longer.... Alhumdolillah. Within a few days I should be able to figure out the right time for this important work as well as the duration so it runs smoothly (like me not having to close the translation in the middle as  I felt that we were loosing the adab) Baidhnillah!

As we are moving along we hope to make mind maps, watch some short videos, make timelines, maps etc to consolidate our learning. 

Alhumdolillah we have had some moments where I feel Allahs words sinking in to their hearts, with their gaping eyes and serious questions, seeking better understanding. With time I hope for them to crave and ask for the translation time themsleves every day Inshallah!

I pray to Allah to give us istiqamah to continue this task on a daily basis to the end. May He grant me with patience and my children to sit and listen respectfully and diligently. May He enable us to understand, reflect and improve ourselves and guide us to the straight path.... as He is Al Qadir (Al powerful) and Al Hadi (The one who Guides)  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadan Gifts 2012


Continuing our yearly tradition, I packed and set up my Lil Muallims Ramadan Gifts while Abi woke them up. As usual I had been planning, collecting and hiding the gifts secretly till the right time :)

This year though I added an extra gift bag.... for Abi and myself ..... Why not !!!!! :)
So this time round Lil Muallim #1 , #2 and Abi were received with a "RAMADAN MUBARAK" and Surprise gift as they pattered into the kitchen...... Oh I love giving gifts ! Alhumdolillah

My Lil Muallims took them with a sleepy smile.....

Lil Muallim #2 wanted to tear open his gift immediately as he came down for suhoor......but was asked to restrain himself till after suhoor :)

And Abi... He was taken by complete surprise ... haha  I told him that the gift was for him and me too... cause I felt like giving myself one too hehe

Here's a sneak peak of the gifts and what's within........

Lil Muallim # 1's gift....

Lil Muallim # 2's gift....

Lil Muallimah's gift.....

Abi was all smiles and wondered where I got all the stuff from !!!! tee hee Alhumdolillah!

Lil Muallim #1 and 2 really liked theirs too, but were too sleepy after coming back from Fajr and went to sleep saying ... we can't wait to get up and try out the Grow a Bug and the Kalimaat game :)

Lil Muallimah will get hers when she wakes up ... I know what she'll want to do .... Grow a butterfly! :):)................

:) Yup! That's what exactly what she and Lil Muallim # 2 did... infact they did it all on their own before I even went downstairs.... they had a whole set up ready Mashallah !

Next up they started playing the dua matching game, like  amemory match game. Lil Muallim # 2 Mashallah did a wonderful job of reading the cards out loud for Lil Muallimah every time  a new one was flipped and then only the dua when the card was repeated.

 I hope Lil Muallimah to get a sight memory for the duas Inshallah :)

I pray to Allah that we all try our best benefit from these beneficial treasures in His way Ameen.....

Ramadan Reading Challenge

Reading for the sake of Allah

Ramadan mubarakAssalamao alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu...

"May Allah enable us to gain hasanat ajar in abundance in this blessed month! Ameen"

Do you have Islamic books in your book shelf that you have been wanting to read for the longest time ? Or.... books that you collected especially for this Ramadan for yourself and /or your chidlren? If yes, this post is for you.

Umamah Learning Academy welcomes you to join in our Ramadan Read-a-thon Challenge. If you have a blog, simply copy paste the image below on your blog and share what you are reading as a Umamah Learning Academy Ramadan Read-a-thon Challenge Participant. Wether you join our challenge as a reader or blogger, make sure to let us know of your participation in the comments sections below.

For the past two days we have been getting our Ramadan Reading Baskets ready. I strongly felt the need to turn this into a Read-a-thon Challenge to keep the kids motivated during Ramadan into using their time wisely and in pursuit of knowledge solely for the sake of Allah. 

We hope to spend this Ramadan in increased ibadah as well as increase in Islamic knowledge Beidhnillah

Rabana Zidna Ilma: "O our Lord! increase us in knowledge"

I have to admit. Lately I have been feeling really guilty about our unread book collection. So I decided to turn it into an exciting challenge for myself and my kids.

We hope to keep a record of our readings in some creative way and would love to see your ideas too.

Here are our Ramadan reading baskets ....


The kids....

As we read along i'll be sharing the titles and some reviews and reflections Inshallah.

Hoping to hear from a lot of you.........

4th Annual Summer Reading Islamic ChallengeNOTE: Amercian Muslim Mom is also running a Summer Islamic Reading Challenge. Like almost everything they do it's big, it's better and cool ! : )

Check it out here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Deed Jars

In the previous years we have done the good deed tree inspired by Umm Abdul Basir's one. Last Ramadan round I wanted to do something different and thought provoking.

I wanted my Lil Muallims to think beyond "Doing good deeds gets us closer to Jannah!" I wanted them to understand that we have to strive VERY HARD to get it.

 The inspiration for this idea came  from Surah Luqman, while I was making my Ramadan plan for Lil Muallim # 1 . Allah says in ayah 16

 "O my son!" (said Luqman), "If there be (but) the weight of a mustard-seed and it were (hidden) in a rock, or (anywhere) in the heavensor on earth, Allah will bring it forth: for Allah understands the finest mysteries, (and) is well-acquainted (with them)." (translation: Yusuf Ali)

This ayah made me think of  Suarh Zalazalah especially the last two ayahs....

Surah Al-Zalzalah

1. When the earth is shaken to her (utmost) convulsion,

2. And the earth throws up her burdens (from within),

3. And man cries (distressed): 'What is the matter with her?'-

4. On that Day will she declare her tidings:

5. For that thy Lord will have given her inspiration.

6. On that Day will men proceed in companies sorted out, to be shown the deeds that they (had done).

7. Then shall anyone who has done an atom's weight of good, see it!

8. And anyone who has done an atom's weight of evil, shall see it. 

Subhanallah! Could the message and warning be any clearer? 

So here's what I did. I picked up these jars and my box of mustard seeds and told my Lil Muallims that.........

Me: "This year we won't be making the good tree but will record our deeds in a different way."

 I showed them a mustard seed. and discussed how tiny it was. I continued to discuss that "All our good and bad  deeds are collected and as Allah says..... in the surah you have memorized .......

Then shall anyone who has done an atom's weight of good, see it!

And anyone who has done an atom's weight of evil, shall see it.

We will put in one mustard seed for every good deed that you do in this small jar"

Lil Mualim # 2:  " But they are so tiny!" 

Lil Muallim # 1"That's scary!"

Me:  :):):) "Exactly this way we will see how long it takes to really fill this jar. How much can we fill it in this Ramadan ? And we don't like how it's going then we have to work really extra hard to collect some good deeds. Inshallah that can help us to really understand that getting to Jannah requires a lot of conscious efforts from us in Allah's way. So let's make dua that May Allah guide us and help us to strive to seek His pleasure Ameen"

It was interesting to note their serious faces upon this conversation. Over the days it dawned upon them more and more that it took a lot to actually even the cover the base of the bottle with the mustard seeds. 

By 15 Ramadan, the base was fully covered and then the last ten days were seen as the potential days that would  fill the bottle significantly......:) Alhumdolillah

Plus each child noted how older ones jar was fuller than than their own. I found it a remarkable way of inculcating the desire to do more naturally, noting activities that made the olders ones jars fuller and trying to do it too this your or aiming to do it when they are capable of it. Beidhnillah. 


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