Monday, November 15, 2010

Dhul Hijjah Activities


The wonderful month of Dhul Hijjah is here and the choice of activities is abundant. I try to work on different aspects of Hajj every year besides the regular review. This year we will  be doing copywork of Ahadith highlighting the importance of Dhul Hijjah. I will be uploading all related printables so do check them out. Inshallah! We will be working on these over the whole month Inshallah.

I have divided the worksheets below in age categories but you can surely use them according to your child's level Inshallah.
For ages 7 and up

 Little Explorers magazine had some great ideas and activities to make Hajj maps etc...Here's what my ULAIN'S came up with. (.ULIAN'S stands for Umamah Learning Academyian's :) )


The basic idea was to have them make an old looking/maps.  . Teaching them two different techniques one with ripped edges, the other with burnt edges.

Step 1: Kids made their rough drafts on a plain paper

Step 2: Redrew the f inal map onto water colour papaer showing all the relevant locations. Lil Muallim # 2 tore off the edges of his paper randomly to give a parchment look. 

Step 3: Stained the paper with regular tea (just made strong) after acouple of coats of tea the paper was left to dry out (all night tonight)

Step 4: They colored / inked their maps as they wanted to. 

Step: 5: Final aging using 2 different techniques.

Lil Muallim # 1 burnt the edges if his map (with Ummi handling teh burning paper Ofcourse!) Then brushed regular cooking oil onto the paper and let it soak. Finally, blot it dry, folded it and then pressed it under something heavy. It finally turned out to have real old leather parchment look. Subhanallah :)

 Lil Muallim # ripped the edges going inwards to give it a brittle look, rubbed powdered cinnamon on the rough edges to give it an aged paper look. Finally rolled it up like a scroll and very proudly played follow the Hajj map game with Lil Muallimah 3 :) Mashallah!


 Found the last 2 aging techniques @ DLTK improving our maps even more. You can also find simpler versions for younger kids there. (scroll down for idaes sent by ither people)

Little Explorers Magazine

We subscribed to a new Muslim Kids Magazine from UK: Little Explorers... a wonderful attempt Mashallah! I especially love it's glossy colorful pages with Islamic drawings..... no faces Mashallah. I have found the magazine to be fun and useful for all my kids, oldest to youngest Alhumdolillah! Click on the picture... they have an awesome deal till the day of Eid 15% off.

What Islam is All About 
by Yahaya Emerick

An excellent reference book with Questions and Answers 


My book of Hajj and Eid ul Adha and My Activity Book of Hajj and Eid ul Adha from Flowers of Islam..... wonderful books Mashallah... May Allah reward my dear friend who gave them to my kids Alhumdolillah!

Bulletin Board Resources

Didn't work on a Hajj bulletin board but loved the ideas on the Islamic Bulletin Board blog. Simply LOVE the map Mashallah.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making a New Start


Cartoon of an Overwhelmed Single Mom Crying with Her Baby - Royalty Free Clipart PictureHomeschooling is a strange bundles up so many emotions within it. Subhanallah! Everyday brings it's own challenges, joys, stress and not to forget the frustrations. You always want to be on top of everything but it's very easy to loose track of things. And that could be because of anything.....toddler interruptions, mood swings, tantrums (kids or moms!), delayed cooking, headaches, runny noses or just about anything. With that if you add your social commitments, house guests, pre-guests prepapration, scrambling to handle homeschooling with live in guests and then hoping to get everybody back on schedule once the guests leave. No to mention the weekly lesson planning, regular house chores.......Oh I could go on. But I am sure you all get the gist of it :)

If you all are wondering why I babbling about the obvious, well because in all the chaos I felt I had lost my kids interests (which for me is a red flag in homeschooling). I realized I had lost myself somewhere in all the above mentioned chaos. I am not sure exactly when it started to happen but everything had started to slip out of my hands and I wasn't getting back in control. So in the process of resurfacing with our homeschooling, I found inspiration from a new homeschoolers blog Mashallah. Her blog made me realize and remember my own zeal and wonderful ideas I used to have and implement.

So finally today I hoped to start with a new spirit with Allah's help. Only today I learnt 2 beautiful duas and now want to start our regular Homeschooling dua with it Inshallah. Here I am adding the translation of the duas....hope to add the Arabic too soon. 
Dua 1
We have entered a new morning and also all creation in Allah's dominion, Lord of the worlds, have entered the morning. O Allah, I ask You for the good of this day, for its victory and its help, for its light and its blessings, and its guidance. I seek refuge in You from the evil of this (day) and the evil that follows it.

Dua 2
We have entered a new morning and so too the entire kingdom of Allah has entered a new morning. Praise be to Allah. There is no God but Allah, Alone. He has no partner. To Him belongs sovereignty and praise and He is upon all things All-Powerful. My Lord I ask You for the good of this day and that which follows it, and I seek refuge in You from the evil of this day and that which follows it. My Lord, I seek refuge in You from laziness and helpless old age. My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the punishment of Hell-fire, and from the punishment of the grave.

What a wonderful reminder. It is He who has provided for us all that we need it is we who forget. La haula wala quwwata illa billah.


 First of all while the kids were in the process of burning out their morning energy I tried to prepare for today. I made a poster for the door. When my kids saw it they asked "Who is this for?" my reply was "For all of us". Honestly speaking, I haven't been very happy with myself these days cause I let all the stresses and frustrations get  the better of me. I missed the fun loving, energetic, upsy daisy Umm Umamah. So today even though I had to be stern at some points I remembered to be calm and gentle. ALHUMDOLILLAH! If you are wondering what the poster was thatt made me do it look below.

You can download it for your classroom too if you like.

I made sure I didn't let either of the 2 Lil Muallims slip out of the study mode. Sat with them and kept them engaged together. Alhumdolillah. They also got to see that with just a little adjustment we could do multilevel studies together without effecting the other. Mashallah! The ultimate goals: Both get free time at the same time so the other doesn't feel " I am studying while ..... is having fun!"

Did an art activity together at the end of the lesson... a wonderful way to relax after some GOOD hardwork. even though it was basically a toddler activity all the kids really enjoyed even Lil Muallim # ! Mashallah! It was so much fun that I pointed out to my kids that if we get our morning lessons done on time we could make an art activity at the end to chill out! :)

Check out our today's activity:

I took a long strip of paper, taped it onto the floor, put some blobs of paint onto it, gave them toy trucks with textured wheels and let teh sound effects begin..... hahaha!!!!! 

To my wonderful surprise Lil Muallim #1 who is quite older than the others not only wanted to do it, but enjoyed the activity immensely. Not only did we have an encore performance on strip # 2.
It was almost therapeutic for them and a reawakening moment for me....Now it's upto me to maintain it with Allah's help Inshallah

I owe this to Allah who brought me to the inspiring blog Mashallah.....infact her Blogroll gave me so many more ideas Subhanallah! May allah reward her Ameen. Check her blog out:


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