Friday, June 3, 2016



by Umamah learning Academy

Alhumdolillah we got quite a few Registrants, but Qadrallah some were not able to meet the deadline. Well, there's always the next time :) A Big thumbs up to all Participants!!!!!!

 All 3 are WINNERS will get. 

The addresses of the winners have been sent to . Inshallah they will be mailing the prizes out soon :)

So here are the 3 Winning Poems...... (not is any order of position)

By Bint Muhammad  9

Ramadan is coming soon,
Once we sight the new moon.
Oh Allah, to you belongs all praise,
For Ramadan there is just a few more days.
Going for taraweeh with my family,
Filled with happiness, joy and glee.
Waking up for suhoor,
Smelling the fragrance of bukhoor.
We begin this month with the
Recitation of Quran,
As the Quran was revealed to our
Prophet in Ramadan.
Fasting long hours to seek your
Pleasure oh Allah,
Pondering and contemplating
upon your great signs.
Having iftar -milk and date,
Just like the Prophet ate.
Going for the prayer that is late.
Laylatul Qadr is yet to come,
It is worth more than thousand months.
The end of Ramadan has come,
How soon have you come and gone!
 EID Has risen upon us,
It is time to celebrate.
Hurry up and do not be late
Ramadan it’s a one year chance
so let’s do Ibadah to Allah

Welcome Ramadan!
By: Hafsa Mohamed, 8

Marhab Marhab Oh Ramadan;
We were waiting for you Oh Ramadan.
We need to become fit and healthy;
And feel like people which aren’t wealthy.
Do not say bad words and don’t do bad deeds;
But feed the poor and satisfy their needs.
Read Quran and pray Salah;
And don’t forget to praise Allah.
Remember Allah and make dua a lot;
Because the angels are there and shaytan is not.

Ramadan,The Good Deeds Hunt
by: Maryam Khan  9

Knock Knock! It's Ramadan, I am looking for the moon.
aren't you doing too? I hope we all see it soon.
It is time to test our patience, and face the challenge, remember when you are eating Suhoor or Iftaar to just keep your balance.
Isn't Ramadan for earning good deeds? the prophet (saws) help others all the time, so loving, so caring he was the most generous of all mankind.
Help others in Ramadan, help in one or the other way. Don't just wait for big opportunities , help can be in the form of words that you say.
let's race for more good deeds, as the reward will be more than double. Specially, keep in mind the last 10 odd nights, they are called Laylatul Qadar.
Finally the day!, the day of Eid will arrive, no inappropriate stuff after the good deeds hunt.
the whole purpose of Ramadan, was to prepare you for rest 11 months.

Well, after this blessed month, don't let the Masajid cry. go to the Masjid regularly, do not just pass by.

Such beautiful thoughts and such wonderful sense of poetry...... Don't stop writing young writers. Another competition maybe right around teh corner.. Allahu Alum!


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