Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trailer: I Love Allah Webinar Nov 20016


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Anchor Charts & Interactive Notebooking

Anchor Charts & Notebooking have become a fun & integral part of our homeschooling... Here are some samples for you to see.

To learn more about these amazing tools do attend/request our

Introduction to Anchor charts & Interactive Notebooking Webinar. Click here to Register for the the upcoming one

I Love Allah Webinar

It's Back!

Umamah Learning Academy is pleased to announce close to heart Webinar once again....

Here's what some attendees had to say....

Sabrina Z

"Jazakillahu khayran for doing this webinar.  I have been following your blog for a few years and benefited greatly from all the activities and ideas you have shared."

Umm Abdullah

"Although I have read almost all the Islamic books regarding raising a Muslim child yet I must say that I am impressed with the knowledge shared in I Love Allah course. I found tips not just for me to work with the kids but for myself too. May Allah increase your love for Him and vice versa!"

Umm Safa

" 'I love Allah' webinar is a beautiful reminder to increase our love of Allah by engaging in an invigorating way with our kids. Umm Umamah have adorned this creative package with dua, zikr and craft suggestions, bi'ithnillah. I cant get enough of the awe-inspiring poetry in it!!"


WHEN: November 22nd 2016 Inshallah

TIME:   9:30 pm Pacific Time / 3:00 pm Eastern time 

DURATION 1 hour including Q/A Session

COST: $ 5

Please Register HERE Asap to receive Payment link and Reminder email

Once Again !

I am very happy to announce redoing of an exciting Webinar I did a week ago.

This is going to REVOLUTIONIZE your Homeschooling experience Inshallah!

Umm Abdullah

"I had already attended your lapbooking workshop ( which was totally awesome), so I wasn't expecting any game changer from this course but I was totally wrong! It was just another level Alhamdhulillah. I got such fresh ideas and suggestions and motivation that I actually did use some of those in my homeschool. Couldn't have been happier! Jazaaki Allahu khair"


As a veteran homeschooler, I have learnt many things that work and faced lots of road blocks & show stoppers....
How many of you can relate to wanting to go ahead with a new lesson only to find that our lil ones don't remember the earlier lessons taught... But we need them to remember that for this to make sense... What do I do now?..Drown in Frustration?..Be Overwhelmed?.... Loose my Temper??? Nooo Ofcourse not.. we're too good a homeschool moms to do that J
If you can relate to that you need to join me and experience the same exhilaration I felt and conitnue to feel when I can smoothly go through those moments without taking away too much  for the new lesson time?
This webinar is all about using some class room tools in a Homeschool Friendly environment. Anchor Charts & notebooking are THE TOOLS that I now heavily use for almost ALL Subjects... 

So please Register for this class ASAP. 
Introduction to Anchor charts & Interactive notebooking

WHEN: November 22nd 2016 Inshallah

TIME:   12:00 pm Pacific Time / 3:00 pm Eastern time 

DURATION 1 hour including Q/A Session

COST: $ 10.99

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You can also 

Friday, June 3, 2016



by Umamah learning Academy

Alhumdolillah we got quite a few Registrants, but Qadrallah some were not able to meet the deadline. Well, there's always the next time :) A Big thumbs up to all Participants!!!!!!

 All 3 are WINNERS will get. 

The addresses of the winners have been sent to . Inshallah they will be mailing the prizes out soon :)

So here are the 3 Winning Poems...... (not is any order of position)

By Bint Muhammad  9

Ramadan is coming soon,
Once we sight the new moon.
Oh Allah, to you belongs all praise,
For Ramadan there is just a few more days.
Going for taraweeh with my family,
Filled with happiness, joy and glee.
Waking up for suhoor,
Smelling the fragrance of bukhoor.
We begin this month with the
Recitation of Quran,
As the Quran was revealed to our
Prophet in Ramadan.
Fasting long hours to seek your
Pleasure oh Allah,
Pondering and contemplating
upon your great signs.
Having iftar -milk and date,
Just like the Prophet ate.
Going for the prayer that is late.
Laylatul Qadr is yet to come,
It is worth more than thousand months.
The end of Ramadan has come,
How soon have you come and gone!
 EID Has risen upon us,
It is time to celebrate.
Hurry up and do not be late
Ramadan it’s a one year chance
so let’s do Ibadah to Allah

Welcome Ramadan!
By: Hafsa Mohamed, 8

Marhab Marhab Oh Ramadan;
We were waiting for you Oh Ramadan.
We need to become fit and healthy;
And feel like people which aren’t wealthy.
Do not say bad words and don’t do bad deeds;
But feed the poor and satisfy their needs.
Read Quran and pray Salah;
And don’t forget to praise Allah.
Remember Allah and make dua a lot;
Because the angels are there and shaytan is not.

Ramadan,The Good Deeds Hunt
by: Maryam Khan  9

Knock Knock! It's Ramadan, I am looking for the moon.
aren't you doing too? I hope we all see it soon.
It is time to test our patience, and face the challenge, remember when you are eating Suhoor or Iftaar to just keep your balance.
Isn't Ramadan for earning good deeds? the prophet (saws) help others all the time, so loving, so caring he was the most generous of all mankind.
Help others in Ramadan, help in one or the other way. Don't just wait for big opportunities , help can be in the form of words that you say.
let's race for more good deeds, as the reward will be more than double. Specially, keep in mind the last 10 odd nights, they are called Laylatul Qadar.
Finally the day!, the day of Eid will arrive, no inappropriate stuff after the good deeds hunt.
the whole purpose of Ramadan, was to prepare you for rest 11 months.

Well, after this blessed month, don't let the Masajid cry. go to the Masjid regularly, do not just pass by.

Such beautiful thoughts and such wonderful sense of poetry...... Don't stop writing young writers. Another competition maybe right around teh corner.. Allahu Alum!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ramadan Prep With Kids On Demand

All Praises are for Allah and Him Alone.

There have been several requests for Ramadan Prep with Kids Webinar.  Alhumdolillah

 This Webinar will be done again Inshallah on:

Watch Trailer

What previous Attendees said:

  • "Jazaakillah khayr for your efforts and time, this was really helpful. I think you covered everything and provided so many resources for what you mentioned."
  • "Ma sha Allah so many great ideas, I have a lot to think about now, this really helped a lot jazaki Allahu khair."

Registration is NOW CLOSED

The recording of the Webinar will be available for a 1 time view for $11.99 with Free ebook

You can request it  through:


Facebook: Umamah Learning Academy

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Have you Registered Yet?

Time is Passing by 



Have you prepared yourself , your home & your family for it. 

What are your struggles ? 

What would you like to do ?

What's on your mind ?

  • Self check- Imaan litmus test
  • Improving connection with Allah
  • Quran reading and study
  • Keeping kids constructively busy
  • Maintaining Sanity
  • Taraweeh with kids @ masjid & home
  • Staying focused and motivated
  • Avoiding the Ramadan lows
  • Mainting the Ramadan High during the off days
  • Home organization
  • Ramadan Meal planning
  • and so much more

Share your questions and thoughts in comments


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ramadan Prep Webinar Explained


A very logical question many of you may have........

How many times do we just fall into Ramadan, scrambling to manage all that we have to & would like to do. As mothers we sacrifice a lot of time for our kids, and other household duties on a daily basis. Many a times mothers feel they can't gain as much from Ramadan as they need to fulfill the needs & demands of children, or keep children engaged in Ramadan.

In fact, in Ramadan mothers actually end up craving the "personal Ibadah time" even more, because they know it's such small pocket of time for gaining EXTRA AJR & EXTRA HASANAT, and just like everyone less they would like to maximize it too!

This is something ALL MOTHERS can relate to. Depending on whats happening in our lives and the ages of our children, we find ourselves combating the SPIRITUAL LOW in Ramadan. I've been there.....many times! More, than I would have liked to be and it was mostly because, despite my wanting to I wasn't able to prepare for Ramadan ahead of time. I didn't know exactly what to do and what not to do. In Ramadan I wanted to feel:
  • more peaceful
  • more connected to Allah
  • more diligent in ibadah
  • more involved with kids in the spirit of Ramadan

Yet I would find myself feeling sad, sometimes even bitter for not being able to achieve what I would have liked to in Ramadan. I wan't to help others not feel that way...... There is a solution. There is a guideline that we can follow as closely or as loosely as possible, given our own unique circumstances.

This webinar is for mothers, to enter Ramadan prepared and focused. It is not only a means of offering ideas, suggestions, reflections & activities to mothers to consciously involve their children in their preparation for Ramadan but also to enjoin their kids to be happily engaged & busy in the spirit of Ramadan, Beidhnillahi Ta'Allah.

If you relate to the above or know someone who needs it ...... Join and encourage others to join


Friday, May 13, 2016

WEBINAR Ramadan Prep With Kids

1 HOUR WEBINAR packed with: Ideas, Suggestions, Reflections, Activities, guide to the edownload and more!!

All Registrants will get the e-download for FREE

If you'd like to know more about this webinar read about it here:

Thursday, May 12, 2016


I apologize for the yellow color on posts. I am currently working on changing the look of the blog. Blogger is not allowing me to change color in posts, so I am manullay changing HTML coding in each post. This will take some time.

SORRY for the inconvenience.

Jazakallaho khairun for your patience!

Ramadan Poetry Competition


ATTENTION ALL 6-9 Year olds!!!

Assalamo alaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu,

 Thought of adding a new challenge on the blog and making your children participate in it...So here I am calling out to all those Lil rhymers and poetry writers, to send in a Ramadan themed poetry by Friday 27th May.

June 1st 2016

And Guess what Lil Explorers magazine will be sending their special Ramadan edition Issue: 18 to the 3 selected poems! SubhanAllah! How cool is that ?

Jazakallaho Khairun Little Explorers!!!!!! You can check out their webite here.

Little Explorers is one my favorite resources for authentic and beneficial material for kids. It is cute, colorful, informative and very nicely done. May Allah bless and reward the Little Explorer team. Ameen

All other participants will receive a special edownload from: 

How to enter the competition

Step 1 Sign up the Registration Form

Step 2 Read the Ramadan poetry competition rules

Step 3 Start writing Poetry

Step 4 Submit poetry by 
 email @ 

Step 5 Wait for the result announcement on Monday June 2nd Inshallah


Poetry Competitions Rules & Information:

1) Entrants can submit only 1 poem by email, once submitted, poems cannot be revised or re-submitted.

2) Entries must be in English with the Poem title, participant's name and age clearly stated

3) The contests are open to kids 6-9 all over the world

4) The decision of the judges is final and incontestable.

5) Entries have to be original. They must not have been previously published or submitted for publication or for other competitions or in a book, website.

6) Poem must have a title.

7) Entries MUST BE SUBMITTED BY Wed June 1st 2016. Any submissions will not be included in the competition



Hoping to hear from many of you Inshallah!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ramadan Countdown


Alhumdolillah.......We started off with our Ramadan countdown a few days ago with Lil Muallim # 3. Its will be a game of patience for him.... to count ONLY 1 square everyday.

But if needed we can print a new one for him... hehe

Our's is in our Ramadan Corner, that we are setting up.

Here's what it looks like now. Our intention is to collect all our Ramadan related activities in here, to pull out as needed before and during Ramadan Inshallah.

Cork Board on top of the Chest of Drawers

Inside Drawer 1

Inside Drawer 2

This set up is right next to our Ramadan Readathon Challenge collection. You can read about it here.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Search & Storage tools Exploration


Assalamo alaikum Everyone,

I welcome you all to join me for:

There's a simple 2 step Registration process

1st PAY





Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Love Allah e book


Here's the ebook that compliments the ideas and activities shared in the webinar. You can purchase it paying by clicking BUY NOW button below.
 Once you've made the payment, it will show an option of 

"Return to Umamah Learning Academy"

Click on that , and you'll be automatically taken to your edownload! VOILA!!

Jazaka Allaho khairun for your support!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We are Reading


Here it is........ our Ramadan Readathon Reading Collection. The Lil Muallims are welcome to read books from their siblings collections too. I want to encourage them to maintain a reading log too, as they go. If you would like to do the same, feel free to download our:

If you'd like to read about our Ramadan Reading Challenge and gt the Participant badge, you can find details here.

Really hoping to see more of you join in. :)

LIL MUALLIM # 2's Collection

LIL MUALLIMAH's Collection

LIL MUALLIM # 3's Collection

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ramadan Reading Challenge 2016


It's that time of the year again, when we start a mental countdown for Ramadan. It is a time when we start planning and hoping how we want this Ramadan to be better than our last one.

I would like to re-introduce our Ramadan Reading Challenge, in the hopes more of you join us and share the titles you and your children would like to read to improve your Ramadan.

Umamah Learning Academy welcomes you to join our

I would like to re-introduce our Ramadan Reading Challenge, in the hopes more of you join us and share the titles you and your children would like to read to improve your Ramadan.

You can see our Reading Shelf HERE.

If you have Islamic books in your book shelf that you have been wanting to read for the longest time ? Or you have books that you collected especially for this Ramadan for yourself and /or your chidlren? Then this post is for you.

If you have a blog, simply copy paste the image below on your blog, Facebook page and share what you are reading as a Umamah Learning Academy Ramadan Read-a-thon Challenge Participant. Whether you join our challenge as a reader or blogger, make sure to let us know of your participation in the comments sections below.

We hope to spend this Ramadan in increased ibadah as well as increase in Islamic knowledge Beidhnillah

Rabana Zidna Ilma: "O our Lord! increase us in knowledge"

I have to admit. Lately I have been feeling really guilty about our unread book collection. So I decided to turn it into an exciting challenge for myself and my kids.

We hope to keep a record of our readings in some creative way and would love to see your ideas too.

As we read along I hope to share more titles and some reviews and reflections Inshallah.

Hoping to hear from a lot of you.........

Friday, April 29, 2016

Our 1st Webinar


In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. With His and name and with all Praises for him, I am embarking on a new journey and new chapter in our Homeschooling journey.


With all the invaluable lessons I have learnt, through our trials and errors, successes, struggles and breakthroughs, I feel the desire to share and teach others. 

Teach and share what..... ?

  • The things that I learnt the hard way the things
  • I find easy but are not always that easy for others
  • Things I wish someone had told me 
  • Things I wish I could do if I could do it all over again. 
  • Life saving tools and tricks I've learnt
  • My self created lessons, activities and so much more.
So here is the very 1st Webinar I am offering, and it's FREE.

Click on the image to Register

We're on Facebook


Umamah Learning Academy is now on Facebook excited to share an exciting new series of Webinars Inshallah!

 Our Facebook Page

Just answer 1 question on this survey.

Hoping to hear from more you, and see you join me for the webinars. 

All updates, and registration forms will be available on our Facebook Page. Stay Tuned.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Salah Centre Revisited


This post is my  commitment to redo the following project with my kids in a different way Inshallah. Once done I will update this post with the new pics Inshallah



Salah Centre

The following project will take more than a day to finish but we started out making it today. Inshallah when finished the Salah centre will be put up on the wall in the kids room where my Lil muallims can use is as a reminder of Salah timings, keep their after Salah dua and adhkar booklets and other cards related to Salah.

I took a bristol borad and folded in a 3 parts and cut off an extra strip from the bottom to use inside the salah centre.

Next Lil Muallim # 2 choose shiny craft paper I had lying around to make the cover of the Salah Centre. The cover is actually supposed to signify Bab us Salah the door of Jannah through which those established their prayers on time will enter.

Notice the key hole and the handle? That's for what we made next.......

We made a key with golden card stock and Lil muallim # 2 stuck praying persons coloring on it..... this was to depict the hadith As salatu miftahul Jannah .....Salah is the key to Paradise.

Inside Lil Muallim # 2 stuck the salah timings clock faces around the booklet on the hadith highlighting the importance of praying on time. Check it out.


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