Monday, May 30, 2011

Prophetic Timeline


I'll be away for a while, so I thought to leave you all with something beautiful. Recently I came across a wonderful website that shows the Prophetic Timeline in an awesome way Mashallah!

So much effort has been put in making it Subhanallah. May Allah reward the team responsible for their colossal effort Mashallah

See for yourself.........

Building a Crane # 1


Lil Muallim # 1 got this awesome gift from Dada. The set can make scale of models of 3 different types of cranes, with a complex building structure, counter weight, set of gears and pulleys and a motor.

Here's one of the models in different angles.......

Lil Maullim # 1 made the whole structure by himself asking for Abi's help in adding the thread to work the crane, cause for some reason he felt he couldn't do it. Abi helped, but finally made Lil Maullim # 1 do it entirely by himself. He wanted him to realize that he could and should do it on his own. 

Once he did, he really felt a morale boost .......YAYY!!!!

Jazakallah Abi :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Odd and Even Numbers


I have found different approaches in teaching Odd and Even numbers in different text books, curriculum and teaching methods. I did worksheets I found online with Lil Muallim # 2 and found him getting the pattern but not too clear on the actual concept.

Here is his worksheet from his Math Mammoth Grade 1 B book 

I could see he was getting it right here following the instructions and following the pattern. I wanted to elaborate the idea of sharing (didving) cookies on the worksheet. So I thought............. how could I make it CLEARER using the math creativity I have surprised myself with since starting Math on the Level in our home..........

I had a brain wave. Alhumdolillah! 

STEP # 1

 I asked to make groups of cars for numbers 10 and under. Then I asked him to write the corresponding numbers on small pieces of paper. He made groups for all numbers except one.

Next I asked him to find out which groups of the cars were odd or even.  

He a label each for Odd and Even and placed them on the floor. 

Finally, I asked him to place each group of cars under the odd or even label, by placing the cars on each side of the number to see if they balanced or not.



He really had fun doing this and loved predicting as the result was pretty obvious for him as he knows basic math facats :) 

Infact, he cried out how many would go each side for each group before he placed them. :):):)


STEP # 2

Once he felt comfortable with the basic number. I moved on to bigger ones to take this activity to the next level. 

Now I asked him to make bigger groups of cars and write the numbers on a paper, and then find which label they should go under.

It was interesting to note that even though he made no mistakes in coloring the correct numbers in the worksheet,  his guess for odd or even for above groups, wasn't always right. Telling me all the more, how this activity was needed how much it proved to useful in the end. Alhumdolillah 

He clearly saw that when there equal number of cars on each side. the number was even, and when there was an extra one on one side, the number was  ODD. 



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Renewing My Blogging Intentions

Umm Umamah's Message Board # 3

While surfing through others sisters blogs I read and follow I was pleased to see their announcements on being ranked as among the top 50 Muslim Mom blogs.

Going through the list, I was EXTREMELY surprised to see Umammah Learning academy at # 28. Ya Allah......... I was not at all expecting our blog to be there Subhanallah! I was truly humbled and found it to be an immediate reminder for me to check and renew my intentions for blogging in the first place. 

As complimenting it is with the blog being hardly a year old, I pray to Allah to increase me in His ranking as that is the real thing and the only ranking we should seek and strive for. My friends know my intentions to blog were to share ONLY for the sake of Allah, to please Him and only Him. May Allah protect me from riya and pride as these are attributes disliked by Allah. I hope to continue blogging maintaining my intentions Ameen.

I pray to Allah to protect and preserve my family and all fellow moms and their families, who strive to raise their children and run their homes to the best of their abilities for the sake of Allah.


The list came about throught the innitiative and efforts of:

Sister Ponn Sabra of American Muslim Mom .and others who helped her, must be congratulated for making this effort for others ...... Mashallah !!! 

Their are so many amazing Muslim Moms blogging and sharing out there.......... I was delighted to see so many of my favorites on the list and so many more that I hadn't discovered yet! Guess I will be surfing through those for the next couple of weeks. :) Beidhnillah!  

BWS tips button

I was very pleased to see Sr Samirah's Talibiddeen Junior at # 9. I personally feel that her services to the community is HUGE and INCOMPARABLE Subhanallah. It is is so inspiring how she shares everything so generously, Fee Sabilillah. I LOVE the way she has painstakingly organized everything  by subject here  As I have said to her so many times, it is my wish to Inshallah meet her one day and if not in this dunya then hopefully in Jannah... :)

I was also very happy to see :

My Photo

My newly discovered Happy Muslim Mama blog at # 11. She has a lot to offer Mashallahs

Adorable, Handmade Beginings at # 12 was not a sirprise at all. She has sooo many awesome things on her blog that it makes me wonder how she does it. May Allah protect her family and reward her for all her efforts Mashallah!

A Muslim Child is Born with seemingly endless creative activities and prinatbles at # 13. 

The very resourceful and full of awesome ideas Islomiy Oila at # 15

Very helpful and resourceful Ummah Reads at # 17

The diverse Muslim Mom blog Ummi Homeschools Me at # 21

 Muslim Homeschooler, the first blog that comess up when you search for Muslim Homeschoolers Mashallah, at # 24

Abez Sez at 31 who bravely shares her journey with her autistic child and more. A truly inspiring and thoughtful blog for ALL moms Mashallah
My Photo
Umm Maimoonah's Journal

he very organized Umm Maimoonah's Journal at # 34. I really enjoy reading her posts Mashallah!

Half a dozen eggs at 42 ....with diversified topics

Ummi’s Circle
Ummi's Circle

Ummis Circle at 45.... a very versatile blog Mashallah

Click on the image to view the whole list

Special Note

According to American Muslim Mom rankings are based on Alexa Ranking and have been ranked based on the fact that..... "All blogs had to have current posts. Having at least one post live within 7-days of our initial visit."

BWS tips buttonReading that, I knew that could be only reason why Umm Abdul Basir's Creative Corner is not on the listI haven't seen any  latest post come up on her blog for sometime.... but their is already so much on her old and new blog that I still haven't been able to see and do everything there Subhanallah! Umm Abdul Basir, Jazakallaho khairun for sharing all you have shared on your blog for so many of us to benefit from......May Allah reward you abundantly for your generosity. Looking forward to more Inshallah!

There are other personal favorites of mine which are not on the list but have so much to offer Mashallah. Like:

Like I said earlier in the post ........... May Allah enable  us achieve heights in His ranking and make us among his Muqarrabeen (closest ones to Allah) Ameen

I pray to Allah to bless all my Sisters in Islam and May we all be among a blessed gathering in Jannah Ameen Ya rabbal Alameen.

In the end I would like here to link back to Umm Maimoonah's post on the top 50 list . The duas she has made in her post are so sweet and humble Mashallah!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surah Kahaf

A Good Reminder

I have seen this presentation on Surah Kahaf before but was delighted to get this reminder from my husband in email today.  Alhumdolillah!

Click here for PPT Surah Kahaf Presentation


I will be working on lessons to do with kids and will be sharin gthem as I get done Inshallah. May Allah help in this task Ameen.
Here's TJ's Jumuah (Friday) page

Fractions # 3 Toys full of Fractions


As much as the concept of fractions became clearer and solid for Lil Muallim # 2 in our past Fraction activities, ( See post Fraction #1  and Fraction # 2) the following really sealed it in his mind. Not only did he "Get it" but thoroughly enjoyed it Alhumdolillah.

I asked Lil Muallim # 2 to take out any of his favorite toys. Well what do you expect with boys.........he got his soldiers. :) Then asked him to separate those that are the same size and color and count them all.

We got 15.

Next I asked him to separate these out according to their different positions..........

Finally I made him trace out the shape of the soldier to show which fraction belonged to which position.....He loved tracing the soldiers so much and kept saying " This is so FUN!" woohooooo!!!!!

Now who would want to stop after so much fun! (wink!) So then he got the following out:

and    did.......

Infact..... Next morning I found him doing fractions with his toy planes on his own without my even telling him to! What else does an MOTL mom want?


Fraction # 2 Fruity Fractions

Fractions in Fruits

Okay as mentioned in Fractions # 1 post, fractions in slices of apples or even oranges is quite obvious. We had a cool MOTL moment sometime back with fractions.

This may sound silly or very obvious math to some but for us it was a eureka moment! We did fractions while eating a grapefruit, with Lil Muallim # 2 the other day.

Once we cut the grapefruit, we counted the sections in it there were 9. So on a paper I drew a one whole circle divided it in half, then we wrote the fractions for the two halves. Then we drew one half separately and wrote the fractions, each with the numerator missing,
but the denominator as 9. 

As my son ate each section he kept telling me 1 out of 9, 2 out of 9, 3 out of nine.......... and so one. Then we did the same with the other half and then added the fraction too for FUN!!!! (grin)

We didn't take pictures of the grapefruit at that time but this what our paper work looked like.

A few days ago we repeated the activity with Lil Muallim # 2 fillingteh sheet himslef and Lil Muallimah eating. This time the Grapefruit had 13 sections. See pictures below:   

This activity really cleared the concept in my Lil Muallim's mind Mashallah!

Next step we took to something even more exciting......... See next post..... Fractions # 3


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