Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Once Again !

I am very happy to announce redoing of an exciting Webinar I did a week ago.

This is going to REVOLUTIONIZE your Homeschooling experience Inshallah!

Umm Abdullah

"I had already attended your lapbooking workshop ( which was totally awesome), so I wasn't expecting any game changer from this course but I was totally wrong! It was just another level Alhamdhulillah. I got such fresh ideas and suggestions and motivation that I actually did use some of those in my homeschool. Couldn't have been happier! Jazaaki Allahu khair"


As a veteran homeschooler, I have learnt many things that work and faced lots of road blocks & show stoppers....
How many of you can relate to wanting to go ahead with a new lesson only to find that our lil ones don't remember the earlier lessons taught... But we need them to remember that for this to make sense... What do I do now?..Drown in Frustration?..Be Overwhelmed?.... Loose my Temper??? Nooo Ofcourse not.. we're too good a homeschool moms to do that J
If you can relate to that you need to join me and experience the same exhilaration I felt and conitnue to feel when I can smoothly go through those moments without taking away too much  for the new lesson time?
This webinar is all about using some class room tools in a Homeschool Friendly environment. Anchor Charts & notebooking are THE TOOLS that I now heavily use for almost ALL Subjects... 

So please Register for this class ASAP. 
Introduction to Anchor charts & Interactive notebooking

WHEN: November 22nd 2016 Inshallah

TIME:   12:00 pm Pacific Time / 3:00 pm Eastern time 

DURATION 1 hour including Q/A Session

COST: $ 10.99

Please Register HERE Asap to receive Payment link and Reminder email

You can also 


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