Monday, December 20, 2010

Allah's Beautiful Names

Allah's  Beautiful Names

Among other things that I hope to start this Hijri from the month of Muahrram months is, reviewing (Lil Muallim #1) memorizing (Lil Muallim #2) and learning (Lil Muallimah) the beautiful names of Allah Inshallah.

Ofcourse the first resource to go to for this endeavor was Islamic Bulletin Boards. May Allah give the sisters who share their work their  Jaza Mashallah!

I found the sister's idea to be also an excellent way to practice number line and thermometers with Lil Muallim # 2. I like most of us am always on the look out to make more benefits come out of any kind of learning and Alhumdolillah with Allah's help i find them too.

So here's what I am raving about check it out for yourself.

Then see below for our pictures.

These are in the kids bedroom, another good way of Dhikr and reviewing every morning and night. Alhumdolillah.

For help I have these "Asma ul Husna" cards placed on their bedside table along with their dhikr and adhkar books. I am trying to get them in the habit of reading and memorizing duas from these everyday Inshallah. 

We listen to these very often:

My husband and I grew up listening to this as it would be telecast on TV everyday during Ramadan. I love this one because it's beautiful and makes me nostalgic. :)

This one has only a duff in the background. Very moving makes me want to cry every time........

New 99 Names of Allah ChartAn EXCELLENT tool to encourage kids, to memorize the names of Allah is a beautiful reusable sticker poster from the hardworking sisters website, Click on the image to go to the website. 


Allah's Beautiful Names Activity from Umm An Numan's website, in the games section. 

Wonderful resource Mashallah!

May Allah rewards these sisters abundantly... Ameen

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