Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Love Allah Webinar

It's Back!

Umamah Learning Academy is pleased to announce close to heart Webinar once again....

Here's what some attendees had to say....

Sabrina Z

"Jazakillahu khayran for doing this webinar.  I have been following your blog for a few years and benefited greatly from all the activities and ideas you have shared."

Umm Abdullah

"Although I have read almost all the Islamic books regarding raising a Muslim child yet I must say that I am impressed with the knowledge shared in I Love Allah course. I found tips not just for me to work with the kids but for myself too. May Allah increase your love for Him and vice versa!"

Umm Safa

" 'I love Allah' webinar is a beautiful reminder to increase our love of Allah by engaging in an invigorating way with our kids. Umm Umamah have adorned this creative package with dua, zikr and craft suggestions, bi'ithnillah. I cant get enough of the awe-inspiring poetry in it!!"


WHEN: November 22nd 2016 Inshallah

TIME:   9:30 pm Pacific Time / 3:00 pm Eastern time 

DURATION 1 hour including Q/A Session

COST: $ 5

Please Register HERE Asap to receive Payment link and Reminder email


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