Saturday, June 27, 2015

Felt Hand Flower

Personalized Flower Brooch

I saw this post at Handmade beginnings and knew that I had to make it with Lil Muallimah. We actually ended up making 2 in one go as Lil Muallimah wanted to gift it to her lil neighbour friend too Mashallah.

Lil Muallimah LOVED the idea wanted to do it all by herself by needed help in making it secure. I really should do more sewing projects with her so she can be more independent Inshallah.

We used the tracing of Lil Muallimahs hands and Lil Muallim # 3 so it was a truly personalized project for us. The added touch of cuteness. Mashallah

If you do not have a toddler handy you can do what the original poster of this activity did here :) She has complete step by steps in pictures too.

Here's what ours looks like. Colors were chosen by Lil Muallimah ofcourse.

I don't have pictures of the second one but we actually used a kids safe safety pin for that one, you know the one that has a lock. Like the one here.

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