Thursday, June 25, 2015

Found Poetry


The first time I had heard of this when Lil Muallim 1 got it as an assignment for his online grdae 9 English course. To be honest we all enjoyed the process. I am pretty sure I have images of the very first Found Poetry project in our house somewhere.......but for now I can share Lil Muallim 2's take on it.

Inacse you are still wondering what found poetry is..... In simple words its taking chunks of existing text and putting them together  as desired to create new meanings. Truly a very creative form of poetry.

Presenting Lil Muallim 2's 1st Found Poetry:

(he got his text snippets from Pottery Barn catalogues that he found)

I just LOVE the way the rearrangement can change the phrase conotations. This is one way of doing found poetry, would really like to explore more. You can learn more about it and ideas from homeschooling-ideas and poetry4kids

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