Sunday, January 23, 2011

Understanding Quran


Alhudmolillahi Rabbil Aalameen for all that He makes Available for our benefit. May we be the ones to utilize it too Ameen.

 I am abundantly grateful to Allah Subhanawata Allah for always showing me the light whenever I am looking for something in particular. It's not only surprisingly amazing but also very humbling that whenever I seek, think or pray for finding a  good resource for a certain topic, my Ar Rahman brings it forth for me. What is even more fascinating is that it usually comes from where I least expect. May Allah make me truly thankful.

In our homeschooling I always look forward to have Lil Muallim's Abi help out and do certain topics with the kids. It's not always consistent, but whatever he teaches has been very beneficial and the kids really cherish it too.

So this time round when my husband called Lil Muallim #1 to do something with him, I was ecstatic. Why? Because, he had called him to watch a video course, whose worksheets I was already trying to use with for Lil Muallim. I have to admit we hadn't done them for a while but they are all set up in his Quran Translation file. I also hadn't had a chance to check back on the website for quite sometime, so when my husband opened the link for the whole course on video........... and he doing it with Lil Muallim #1, you can only imagine my excitement and Shukr  ALHUMDOLILLAH ya Rabbal Alameen.

It has been my dream for myslef and my kids to be able to understand every word of the Quran as we read, or hear it. I have made my own system to try and reach that goal. I will post about that another time Inshallah. For now I hope a lot of you can benefit from the following course. I have added the videos for the first two lessons here for a preview for you.

Lesson 1a Understanding Quran Made Easy Short Course 1
Lesson 1b Understanding Quran Made Easy Short Course 1
NOTICE!!!! The Understand Quran Academy does not offer this course for free anymore. Please take their membership as it suits you and benefit from their hard work and support their cause Inshallah.
Understand Quran Academy There are many more treasures on their website.
The methodology and technique used is truly effective and the worksheets are a good revision. I am also trying to do extra exercises with the kids to review each lesson. I will be posting it lesson by lesson. Inshallah. May Allah put barakah in our time. Ameen.
May Allah reward the brother and his team generously for this tremendous endeavor

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