Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ramadan Prep Part 3

Look deep inside 
your Heart

Ramadan is the BEST time to change ourselves for the better. It is a time to reflect.

Are we what we show ourselves to be ? Are we true to ourselves ? In our hearts of heart we know our own faults. What it is a sin or can turn into one if we do not keep it in check. Do we try to get rid of them ? How do we brush them off ? How do we bring improvement in our selves ? How do we rectify it ? \

Step 1 : Quit the excuses ! Realize it and ACCEPT that it is a mistake (big or small) and it need to be rectified

Step 2 : Quarantine it....isolate it...single it out, so it stands out as a sore so you can consciously avoid it. Sins are not something to be spoken of lightly.

Step 3 : Hold yourself accountable. Find a mukhlis (one who is sincere to you-no better choice than your own parents) who can help you out and keep you in check

Step 4 : Rectify it with Allah.....Make Dua.....Surah Araf Ayah 23

Step 5 : Switch it around. Replace the habit.

Lesson: How to apologize to Allah 


Ummu Karim said...

MaaschaAllaah! How beautifully said!

Umm Umamah said...

There is so much to learn Subhanallah. I love getting inspirations through the Quran and hadith to try and improve ourselves. May Allah open our hearts and guide us all. Ameen. Jazakallah for writing in sister.


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