Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ramadan Prep Part 1


We all need reminders. So here are some reminders I want to share with my kids today. In all honesty they are extremely important reminders first and foremost for myself. May Allah help us to achieve the best out of this Ramadan. Ameen

I hope to share my kids thoughts and notes after watching each of these talks Beidhnilah

Lesson One: Why FAST ? 

Lesson 2: Ramadan-The Month of Quran

The Ayahs 183 and 185 of Surah Baqarah discussed in these talks are not new, we read about them, hear about them every Ramadan. What I love about the miracle of Allah's words is that the lessons that can be derived from each ayah seem to be endless Subhanallah ! 

In short there are 2 extremely important points that I derived from these short videos.......

  1. Allah has ordained for us to fast in the month of Ramadan so we will HOPEFULLY attain Taqwa in other words hopefully develop the urge to protect yourself. Meaning it is something to be acquired by conscious effort and not an automatic state that one falls in by fasting during Ramadan
  2. This one is even more deeper in meaning and calls us to truly ponder on what Allah wants us to.....realize that it is the month of Quran, Not only the month it was revealed and completed in but also a clear sign for us to use Ramadan to derive our own strength and improvement of self. Gain knowledge from it  not only for ourselves but to share it with others. What a wonderful way to get the Ummah right back on track. Hence one cannot help but feel gratitude towards Allah for blessing us with Ramadan, for the knowledge of Quran that we can benefit from, to improve our dunya and akhirah

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