Saturday, August 11, 2012

Muslim Countries Lapbook


Lil Muallimah was in geography mode. Looking into maps and muslim coloring. That gave us the idea to make a Muslim Countries around the world lapbook. 

It is a very basic lapbook revolving around flags and names of Islamic countries in Africa and Asia.


We used the double lapbook format. You can see the method for that here. But we added a top flap over the lapbook format, showing the division of of the lapbook into its two parts shown below.


Lil Muallimah colored the Muslim countries on the map of Asia and Africa green, that I had marked with green marker. When you lift up the Muslim Countries and Africa flap you see, flags of African Muslim countries and a flap with some coloring cut outs done by Lil Muallimah. Lil Muallimah also painted a heart and mosque with our DIY Ramadan stamps from last year :)


 When this picture was taken a few flags had not been colored, but hav ebeen marked with the colors to be used Inshallah.

Now let`s look inside the Muslim countries of Asia flap.

Inside each flag flap is the name of the country. Unfortunately, some country flags are missing, we`ll be researching those and will probably add an extra flap to add those in too. Uptil then we will use this lapbook to review names and flags of Muslim countries with an Atlas book, map puzzles etc Inshallah


All in all we really enjoyed making this lapbook. There are many math, patterning, design and memory activities that can be done through flags, on white board, Magna Doodles, Aqua Doodle, paper etc. I will be posting those examples in another post Inshllah.


Muslim Countries Flags Printable For added fun the flags are mixed and sorting them by continent can be turned into another activity for the kids :).

Asia and Africa Outline map 

Resource pages:

We got the list of countries from here.

Flag outlines can be found here for each country in it`s respective continent page. We used the small size image.

The coloring pages have been taken from the New Muslim Kids Blog . Do check out older posts to find more coloring pages.

I am hoping to do an advanced level one with Lil Mualllim # 2. Hmmmm.....!


Anonymous said...

Ya habibti! machallah on such a cute Lapbook!
I am finishing the Ramadan Lapbook with my kids (our first)!
This will be our next :)

Umm Umamah said...

Mashallah and welcome to lapbooking. I would love to know when you make your version of the Muslim countries lapbook Inshallah

talibiddeenjr said...

Super cute!

Umm Umamah said...

Jazakallah khair...:)You are more than welcome to add it on Islamic Lapbooking if you like.


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