Thursday, August 26, 2010

Qualities of a momin


The kids did a Momin's treasure maze in which they had to collect 5 different qualities (treasures) of a Momin. It led us to the following idea.

We made a treasure chest out of brown bristol borad and decorated it with brown and golden marker. The kids then stuck gold and silver coins inside it cut out of silver and gold cardstock found at the $ store. Boys love treasure and gold coins (atleast mine do). And seeking out a momin's treasure chest is far too great a thing than a pretend pirates treasure chest.  Alhumdolillah. They especially loved how the picture came out with the glow.

Check it out:


Once the treasure chest was made we coloured in a rainbow with the 2 lil ones. We wrote 7 qualities of a momin that we want to concentrate on for a couple of months to get an understanding of them and practical application too Inshallah.
The Qualities we chose were:

  1. Taqwa

  2. Sabr

  3. Shukr

  4. Ihsan

  5. Haya

  6. Salat

  7. Dhikr

See Picture


Now that we had the qualities out. It was now time to start studying them SO first ofcourse was Taqwa. We made the following wall chart. First we stuck a textured red paper from the scrapbook papers available at the $ store. Then the chart was given a title and 15 points were written out. The points were all thought out and written by Lil Muallim # 1 with the help of the following poster and Ummi :). I will Inshallah be adding a downloadable file of all the points soon Inshallah.

 See pictures

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