Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quran Stories


Lil Muallim # 2 and I started out to make a Prophet's story mobile. We have been discussing prophets stories and the lessons we get from them. Stories are always done, but this time to be able to go back over them independently we collected some images through google image search , re sized, printed and coloured them. Stuck them on a bristol board, gave it a silver border and wrote main story points at the back. Lil Muallim # 1 helped too. ( I wrote, the kids traced ... to make sure all points fit in ) Then we pierced a very tiny hole at the top of the card and inserted a ribbon through it. Lastly, we tied the ribbon onto a multi shirt hanger. (came with a 5 undershirt set) :)

Here's the first picture. We will add more pictures as we complete the project Inshallah.

The ribbons will be cut of different lengths so as to fit in all the cards Inshallah.

Prophet's stories being covered are:

  1. Prophet Adam (A)
  2. Prophet Nuh (A)
  3. Prophet Musa (A)
  4. Prophet Yunus (A)
  5. Prophet Yusuf (A)
  6. Prophet Saleh (A)
  7. Prophet Sulaiman (A)
  8. Prophet Ibrahim (A)
  9. Prophet Ismail (A)
  10. Prohet Isa (A)
  11. Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
Besides doing the stories we will also be looking into history and geography  and a bit of social studies, of where the Prophets were. This would include a time line, the area then and now, important places, community and living etc. Will post deatils as we do them Inshallah.


  Kids love animals. What better way to incorporate an awe for the Quran by discussing how many animals are mentioned in the Quran and their related stories. So many lessons in it Mashallah.
  We used a book called Animals mentioned in the Quran by Abdur. We were also fortunate enough to find a wonderfully sturdy card game on Smart Ark called Animals in the Quran Snap Cards

We love playing the game in different ways. My favourite one being memory game, (placing all the cards face down and looking for pairs) cause I just mention the reference of the animal in the quran casually while we are looking for the match and soon Lil Muallim #2 starts asking the story with each card he opens. Alhumdolillah. It's animals and pictures so Lil Muallimah plays the game a lot too. Mashallah.

The Science and Geography factor: Besides doing the stories from the Quran related to the animals we are also studying:
  1. classification of animals (animal kingdom or complete scientific classification as per age level of  my Lil Muallim)
  2. their diet : by studying the structure of their mouth (omnivore, herbivore or carnivore)
  3. their food chain or food web
  4. the country and biome they are found in.
  5. their habits and home

For display we made a wall chart showing the pictures of all the animals and their names in Arabic, English and Urdu. As we go along completing the wall chart we get many opportunities to discuss the stories. Alhumdolillah.

Here's what our chart looks like at present. 

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