Friday, May 27, 2011

Odd and Even Numbers


I have found different approaches in teaching Odd and Even numbers in different text books, curriculum and teaching methods. I did worksheets I found online with Lil Muallim # 2 and found him getting the pattern but not too clear on the actual concept.

Here is his worksheet from his Math Mammoth Grade 1 B book 

I could see he was getting it right here following the instructions and following the pattern. I wanted to elaborate the idea of sharing (didving) cookies on the worksheet. So I thought............. how could I make it CLEARER using the math creativity I have surprised myself with since starting Math on the Level in our home..........

I had a brain wave. Alhumdolillah! 

STEP # 1

 I asked to make groups of cars for numbers 10 and under. Then I asked him to write the corresponding numbers on small pieces of paper. He made groups for all numbers except one.

Next I asked him to find out which groups of the cars were odd or even.  

He a label each for Odd and Even and placed them on the floor. 

Finally, I asked him to place each group of cars under the odd or even label, by placing the cars on each side of the number to see if they balanced or not.



He really had fun doing this and loved predicting as the result was pretty obvious for him as he knows basic math facats :) 

Infact, he cried out how many would go each side for each group before he placed them. :):):)


STEP # 2

Once he felt comfortable with the basic number. I moved on to bigger ones to take this activity to the next level. 

Now I asked him to make bigger groups of cars and write the numbers on a paper, and then find which label they should go under.

It was interesting to note that even though he made no mistakes in coloring the correct numbers in the worksheet,  his guess for odd or even for above groups, wasn't always right. Telling me all the more, how this activity was needed how much it proved to useful in the end. Alhumdolillah 

He clearly saw that when there equal number of cars on each side. the number was even, and when there was an extra one on one side, the number was  ODD. 



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