Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fraction # 2 Fruity Fractions

Fractions in Fruits

Okay as mentioned in Fractions # 1 post, fractions in slices of apples or even oranges is quite obvious. We had a cool MOTL moment sometime back with fractions.

This may sound silly or very obvious math to some but for us it was a eureka moment! We did fractions while eating a grapefruit, with Lil Muallim # 2 the other day.

Once we cut the grapefruit, we counted the sections in it there were 9. So on a paper I drew a one whole circle divided it in half, then we wrote the fractions for the two halves. Then we drew one half separately and wrote the fractions, each with the numerator missing,
but the denominator as 9. 

As my son ate each section he kept telling me 1 out of 9, 2 out of 9, 3 out of nine.......... and so one. Then we did the same with the other half and then added the fraction too for FUN!!!! (grin)

We didn't take pictures of the grapefruit at that time but this what our paper work looked like.

A few days ago we repeated the activity with Lil Muallim # 2 fillingteh sheet himslef and Lil Muallimah eating. This time the Grapefruit had 13 sections. See pictures below:   

This activity really cleared the concept in my Lil Muallim's mind Mashallah!

Next step we took to something even more exciting......... See next post..... Fractions # 3

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