Saturday, April 30, 2011

Arabic Huroof # 1

Arabic Huroof with Islamic Vocabulary

Using the idea from Aasiya's Homeschool we made the following basic huroof Lapbook. This idea can be used for any language and vocabulary.  Let me explain what we did step by step.

For Arabic I try to incorporate Islamic Vocabulary from the beginning to make the learning more meaningful. I will explain more in other posts. For now I really wanted to make my Lil Muallims understand that Arabic is the language of Quran. Hence the cover of our Lapbook 

This is an untraditional lapbook and is made by connecting two piecs of bristol board. It opens up as a long display board on the ground :) Each colorful booklet has actually almost 7-10 more colorful sheets under it for vocabulary words. 

In the beginning I ontroduced the Lapbook just like this empty from inside. Then as recognition for a harf was accomplished that harf and a vocabulary picture was added under that booklet.  

For example first there was only Alif while the rest of the covers were all blank. This way the eye wasn't distracted and could concentrate on only that Harf. Alhumdolillah.

Check out some of our vocabularu picturtes for Alif



As recognition of the huroof increased more huroof were added on the covers. As you can see below some are still empty, showing only the ones we have done.

You can check out some of our booklet pictures below







For re-enforcement of the letters done we also play a huroof recognition game, and a vocabulary match game. I will be posting those shortly Inshallah .

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