Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learning Virtues

Oh what beautiful gems you have !

I don't know about youyr kids, but my kids LOVE to play with play gems and treasure chests. 

Having done several different activities with them for play and learning, I have recently started a new one called.......
Gems and Jewels with them.

The activity is named after the book ........
Gems and Jewels

It is a compilation of wise sayings, interesting events and moral lessons from Islamic History. It is a book of great interest and a valuable source of wonderfully thought provoking qoutes as well as to learn some very important virtues, intellectual behaviour put out in an unforgettable way. 

After reading a few p[ages of the book I was aching to share it with my kids, but didn't want to sound preachy... hehe So I started marking my favorite qoutes from the book and finally made the activity basket.

I placed 3 different paclets of gems and jewels in small pouches. I actually made them choose which ones they wanted saying it was for an activity. For several dyas they kept asking when they could have them, and I kept saying when I'll make teh activity..hehee

The hype was created........ Alhumdolillah!

I placed the pouches in a basket along with a small treasure chest and the book in a basket. So what's the activity........

Well it's simple, Lil Muyallim # 1 or I read out a marked story or passage... depending on teh length of teh text they get to pick 1=2 small or large gems from teh pouch and put it in the treasure chest. Once the treasure chest will be full it will be theirs to play with whatever way they like. Till then it stays in the basket waiting to be filled. 

So you can surely imagine, how it is when they do sit for this activity. Each one of them wants to take out the gems and want the treasure chest to fill up so Alhumdolillah we get to read and discuss more than one of the passages.

Day before yesterday we read a very deep menaing one, so I had had illustrate examples for each point. As soon I was done, I heard exclamations that they should get more than two for that one as it was veeeeery long.... hahhaha

A win, win situation wouldn't you say......

Here's a sneak peak inside the treasure chest.......

They do look great don't they ? The chest is filling up day by day. Alhumdolillah :)

Oh and if you would like to see inside the book, you can see it here 

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