Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Week # 1 Entries for Ummi's Circle Ramadan Craft Challenge


May Allah reward Umm Suhailah for providing this opportunity to be really hands on with our children this Ramadan. One always wants to be but in reality doesn't end up doing as much as one could. So I really appreciate the push and motivation I got from her announcing this challenge to do practical teaching and learning for the sake of Allah. Alhumdolillah!

Dua for Umm Suhailah and her family

May Allah protect and preserve her family and award the with success in this life and the Hereafter Ameen

Our Ramadan Craft Wall


Two of Lil Muallimah's crafts are not on the wall as they are playing activities for her too, scroll down to her day 1 and day 7 entries to see them.

She also insisted on her crafts to be under the banner so she could "play" with them meaning touch and feel them. Alhumdolillah!


Day 1

Lil Muallimah's spelling puzzle
Lil Muallim # 2's Welcome Ramadan

Find the lesson and craft details for day # 1 here

Day 2

Lil Muallimah's Shield
Lil Muallim # 2's Shield

Find the lesson and craft details for day # 2 here

Day 3

Lil Muallimah's Allah gave us
Quran craft
Lil Muallim # 2's Iftar Dua craft

Find the lesson and craft details for day # 3 here

Day 4

Lil Muallim # 2's Quran
revealed in Ramadan craft
Lil Muallimah's Concept of
Find the lesson and craft details for day # 4 here

Day 5

Lil Muallim # 2's 1st wahi star

Lil Muallimah's Allah is
One craft

Find the lesson and craft details for day # 5 here

Day 6

Lil Muallimah sending a special
 gift to Rasullallah Sallalllaho
Allaihi Wasallam

Lil Muallim # 2's Surah Ihklas
1/3 rd of Quran craft

Find the lesson and craft details for day # 6 here

Day 7

Lil Muallimah's Lil Mualimah
paper doll wanting to be clean
Lil Muallimah's Lil Muslimah
paper doll wearing clean clothes

Lil Muallim # 2'a 2nd Wahi Star

Find the lesson and craft details for day # 7 here


O Allah enable us to benefit from our learnings Ameen


Umm Maimoonah said...

Aameen sis for the dua you made for Umm Suhailah!

Masha Allaah all the stuff look so wonderful!

Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaiki

Aameen to your dua!!! And yes this was a motivation for me too sis. Sometimes I just feel a tad bit lazy on doing things.
Al- Hamdu lillaah all the sisters sharing their ideas- on their blogs has been a motivation for me- as this is my first year doing all of this- and you guys have inspired me a lot :oD

I love your arts & crafts-those shields are serious looking! Mashaa'Allaah- I need to click on the link and see the lesson for that- blogger wasn't showing me that you updated your page- so when I just came on via my blogger I saw you had a lot of new post! Subhana'Allaah.

So I guess I'm going to be scrolling on down to do some reading lol

Oh and thank you so much for leaving the links to the lessons for each activity- you and all the other Ummi's doing this method- helps others as well :)

Umm Umamah said...

Walaykum assalam Akhawat,

Jazakallaho khairun for your sweet comments Alhumdolillah. As for my posts not showing in your blog rolls (Umm Maimoonah had the same complaint) I really don't know what the matter could be? Could you try deleting and then reading my blog on your blog rolls. Maybe that will work. If it's happening to both of you I guess that would be the case for others too. Qadrallah!

Brakallaho feeki for letting me know I'll try and check if anything changed on my end. :) Do keep dropping by. I truly appreciate your comments Alhumdolillah!

Eva said...

Assalamu Alaikum, mashaAllah, what a productive first week! everything looks great :)

Talibiddeen Jr. said...

As salaamu alaykum,

Love these!

Umm Umamah said...

Walaykum assalam Sr Samirah,

Glad to know you dropped by and jazakallah for linking me up on your Tj Ramadan blog. Barakallaho feeki

Umm Umamah said...

Walaykkum assalam Eva

Jazakallaho khairun...Alhumdolillah we really enjoyed our 1st week. I was waiting for you to post your activities. I see you have posted them now so I will hop over to your blog and check them out now.

Baraah said...

Wonderful ideas! If you need another Ramadan craft my kids also like coloring pages


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