Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pink Tower Broad Stair Extensions Part 1


I am simply loving what I am learning with Montessori approach. We as mothers do some things intuitively but t times in our own excitement take away from the moment of the child. It has been a refreshing reminder going through so many wonderful Montessori blogs.
Two days ago Lil Muallimah wanted to work her Pink Towers and Broad Stairs. Usually she works with them by herself and calls me too look at her creations. But that day she wanted me beside her today. Alhumdolillah I stayed with her and got a chance to enjoy her light bulb moment :)
She brought each piece one by one and then asked me what she should do. I started to make a pattern asking her of she would like to do something like that. Mashallah with every pattern we made at that time she quickly cried out.. "I know what you are doing. I want to do it myslef !"

Alhumdillah !  I, then left  it for her to continue. It was so wonderful to see her seriously thinking when the pieces didn't match up or the pattern didn't continue. She asked me and I just said just look at it. I DID NOT say any of the no no's like "mmm! mmmmmmm! "Somethings not riiiiiiight." "Are you sure that goes there ?" We do tend to make these mistakes with our in our zeal but don't realize that it takes away from the childs' own thinking and problem solving. Patience is the key and jumping in and making decisions for them or giving instant solutions effects their learning. Now if I could always do this with my older ones, which I tend to forget at times in the pressure of homeschoooling 3 varied grade levels and life!

I would love to hear from more Montessori Moms about this.

Well coming back to Lil Muallimahs moment of glory. She has done most of the following before but today was differemt. I hope you enjoy her progression as I did.

She made the following Extension and said with an amazed look..... "They match !"

Here's a side view of the same. Balancing the last two on the carpet was tricky and she asked for help.

Then she asked "What should I do now?" So I quietly started to make another pattern and she immediately took over saying, "I know what you are doing!"

Next she asked the same thing, and as soon as I started she said "I know what you are doing. I want to do it myslef !"

Then, came this.............

Once she was done she had a big smile on her face and said " Look Mama ! It looks like it is Pink Stairs and Brown Tower!"

She made the connection !!!!!!!!!!!! She was so pleased with herselfat making her very own discovery. Once we shared that with her brothers. She said...`"Ok what do we make now?" 

Here it is.......Front View

Back View

 It is so cute how she likes sit proudly beside her work and wants a bit of herself in the picture. That's her way of showing it's her work.

After this I had to leave the the room to tend to something else and told her she could make what she wanted. After a few minutes she came running to me saying........... 

"You have to come. You have to see. Take a picture"

"Look I made a helicopter!"

 Now what do you say !!!!!!!!! 

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