Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fresh egg or Rotten egg Part 2

Part 2

Sink or Float

We know that a fresh egg ALWAYS sinks to teh bottom in glass jar but what of we change the scenario?

To find out

How does the fresh egg behave in salty water?

You need

A fresh egg (we used the same fresh egg from the above experiment), a clear glass jar. salt and fresh tap water.

What to do

First make a very salty solution in the glass jar. Then carefully put the fresh egg in the jar. (I used a table spoon to put the egg in). What happened was quite interesting. 

Fresh egg floating in Salty water
Notice the water level
The fresh egg that a had just sunk, to the bottom in the last experiment, now stayed afloat.

To make sure if this was because of the salty water. I tried out the next part of the experiment. Tilting the salt water slightly, I now poured fresh tap water in the jar, trying my best not to disturb the salt water. What happened now was even more amazing.

Fresh egg bobbing in the middle.
Notice the water level
This time the egg bobbed about a bit and then stayed in the middle of the jar. WHY? It began to sink down through the fresh tap water on the top, but as soon as it hit the salt water level below, it stopped, as it is denser.

This brought us to discuss the Quranic Ayah 53 of Surah 25 regarding the sweet and salty water not mixing.

You can read about it in detail here.


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My Little World said...

I love your blog! I learned from this experiment and it's great how you can link it to the verses of the holy Quran. I will use this with my own children.

Umm Umamah said...

Alhumdolillah! Jazakallaho khairun for dropping by again. Isn't it great when we find the connection of what we learn in the Quran. It's all there, it's up to us to relate and contemplate.


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