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Ramadan Plan for 10 - Teen


As I had mentioned in an earlier post that I hope to memorize and review Surah Luqman with Lil maullim #1 this Ramadan Beidhnillah. I don't want to teach it but LEARN it with him together Inshallah! We hope to follow the surah Breakdown from Ramadhan Planner


Luqman Memorization Schedule as PDF

If we follow the schedule we should be able to memorize the Surah in 3 weeks Inshallah.

 I went through the translation and made a synopsis of the topics it covers. I found I could do Islamic History, Aqidah, Science, Math, World history and more through this 34 Ayah Surah Subhanallah! The topics can be covered to any depth according to the age level Inshallah! 

So here's our potential Lesson Plan..... Oh Allah please grant us success.........!


Luqman Weekly Lesson Schedule as PDF

Please Note: The topic breakdown is only an outline and will be done in further detail Inshallah!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


Day 1
Ayah 1-4: Momineen & Quran

  • What makes one a momin ?
  • Who are the momineen ?
  • What are the rewards promised for them?
  • What other names has Allah used for the Holy Quran?
Day 2
Ayah 5-6: Lahwal Hadith, Nijaat, Azaab
  • What comes under Lahwal hadith and how to avoid indulging in it?
  • What helps the momin get nijaat ?
  • Discuss some azaab of Jahnnum
Day 3
Ayah 7-9: Arrogance and Submission
  • examples of people from history showing arrogance and their end
  • Comparison of the Jaza of the arrogant and the submitters
Day 4
Ayah 10: The wonders in Creation

  • creation of the heavens and the earth and what is between them
  • Water cycle
  • Creation in pairs
Day 5
Ayah 11: Disbelievers

  • What makes the challengers challenge?
  • How did they challenge ? What was the result
  • Find incidences throughout history showing examples of challengers?
Day 6 & 7
Review and Quiz for all topics covered


Day 8
Ayah 12-13: Luqman
  • Who was Luqman?
  • Luqman's advise to his son
  • What makes you a Muslim?
  • Explain Shukr 
  • Dicuss examples of gratefulness and ungratefulness to Allah
  • Explain Shirk in depth
Day 9
Ayah 14: Parents
  • Importancee and ruling about Parents
Day 10
Ayah15: Condition of disobedience to parents
  • Define obedience to parents examples from Islamic Stories
  • What is the ONE and ONLY condition of disobeying parents
Day 11
Ayah 16-17 Power of Allah & Behaviour
  • How do you witness Allah as the All Powerful, All Seeing and All Knowledgable
  • fussing, complaining complaining to arrogance
Day 12
Ayah 18-19: Allah's opinion on the arrogant & staying on the middle path,
  • not to turn away from others in arrogance
  • understanding the middle path 
  • importance of talking politely.... How did Rasulallah Sallalaho alaihi wasallam speak
  •  Why doesn't Allah like the sound of donkeys ?
Day 13 & 14
Review and Quiz for all topics covered


Day 15
Ayah 20 : The Wisdom and Purpose of creation
  • How do all of Allah's creations show their submittance to Him 
Day 16
Ayah 21 - 22 : Following the ancestors, Wahi, A'aqibatul Umoor
  • Examples of disbelievers preference to the way of their ancestors 
  • How did the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho alaihi wasallam react when aa any revelation came ?
  • Explain submission and the term A'qibatul Umoor
Day 17
Ayah 23-24: Message to the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam)
  • What was the message given to the Prophet Muahmmad Sallallaho alaihi wasallam?
  • Can success in dunya be judged as His favour ?
  • What about the hardships the Prophets faced.. they were among the most favored by Allah 
Day 18
Ayah 25-26: Creation and Praising Allah
  • recognizing all creations as Signs of Allah, discussing some unique examples Subhanallah!
  • Praising Allah through extensive dhikr and more.....
Day 19
Ayah 27-28: Understanding the depth of Praising Allah
  • How many trees and water are there in the world
  • discuss global warming and deforestation and study some statistics, it's reasons and effects from an Islamic perspective
  • Can we really do justice in praising Allah the Majestic ?
Day 20 & 21
Review and Quiz for all topics covered


Day 22
Ayah 29: Changing of the night and day
  • Understanding the science behind the changing on day and night Subhanallah
  • study facts about sun and moon
Day 23
Ayah 30-31:  pagan gods and pagan practices, ships
  • discuss ancient and current civilizations involved in idol worship
  • the science and wonder of how ships float, buoyancy, evolving designs of boats and ships in history
  • Who can Truly Note the signs
Day 24
Ayah 32: Storms, times of Calamity
  • study facts about wave formation, storms, whirlpools and oceans
  • other natural calamities
  • actions of people in times of calamity and peace
Day 25
Ayah 33: Taqwah & The Day of Judgement
  • define and understand taqwah and qualities of a muttaqi
  • what will happen on the Day of judgement ( May Allah protect us Ameen)
Day 26
Ayah 34: Allah is All Knowledgeable
  • Only Allah knows......?
  • rain, the development of a baby in the mothers womb
  • death, when where and how
  • rewards for deeds accepted or not
Day 27 & 28
Review and Quiz for all topics covered

Support Material

Beidhnillah I hope to use the many helpful religious, nature and history resource books, nature and history documentaries and a few ebsites.


Umm Maimoonah said...

Assalaamu Alaikum!

Masha Allaah that is a whole lot! Well thought and well organized. Jazzakillaah Khayr for sharing sis! I am sure kids this age would love this kind of learning Insha Allaah!

Umm Umamah said...

Walaikumassalam Ukhti,

Ramadan Muabrak and Jazakallaho khairun....I pray to Allah that I am able to accomplish it too to the best of my ability too Ameen


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