Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ramadan Activities Day # 15

Note: These posts were written in Ramadan but are being posted now


For the coming two weeks I want to keep our activities more simple, as Ramadan is coming to an end. I am still not feeling very fit which has is also now affecting my tempo. Subhanallah! Guess Allah also wants me to slow down :)


I did a very simple activity......I pulled out a worksheet I made made years ago to introduce the 3 Holy Mosques  with Arabic number 3 (thalatah)

Lil Muallaimah's Activity


I showed Lil Muallimah the number 3 (thalathat) on teh sheet and then toldher that these are Allah's favourite Mosques. The I took her tp teh Seerah Trail poster from learning roots and showed her the location of each. The poster doesn't show Masjidul Aqsa in Jerusalem but Masjidul Sakhra. I talked about that fact with her too. Next she did the following art activity

Thalatah (three): The most important mosques of Allah are three .....

  1. Masjid ul Haram
  2. Masjid un Nabwi
  3. Masjid ul Aqsa  


Lil Muallaim # 2's Activity

Memorizing the names of Allah

We have been working on learning Allah's names from time to time. Lil Muallim was very excited to  learn the hadith......

So I thought we could try and memorize most with meaning in the spirit of Ramadan and do detailed lessons on each in our coming school year Beidhnillah....

I told Lil Muallim # 2 that if he did 9 names at a time he might be able  cover all in 10 days. We'll see how that goes...

 Here's his first sheet.......

He colored all of them in very carefully Mashallah! 

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