Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ramadan Activities Day # 17

Note: These posts were written in Ramadan but are being posted now


As our activities are getting simpler and my Ramadan routine tighter I am finding wonderful opportunities to discusss what we have learnt /covered, up til now with my Lil ones. Alhumdoillah. I find them discussing and doing good deeds, collecting money for Sadaqah Jar and so many other tiny lessons that I really can't mention the all here.

Just a beautiful reminder that we need to keep on doing our job of their tarbiyah and tasfiyah in the best manner possible and see them bloom. May Allah protect and preserve our children Ameen.

Today was a very busy day so we literally just managed to slip in an activity. I asked my lil ones. I discussed the following hadith and discussed how we in our community collect money for our local mosque and how even the tiniest portion that you put in entitles you to a Sadqah e Jariah..... Lil Muallim # 2's eyes just opened wide at the possibilities gaining hasanat.......:):):) Alhumdolillah. Then we did the following activity.

Lil Muallaimah's Activity

I remember tracing this page from an Iqra coloring book at one time. Lil Mualliamh choose to paint.... (pic mssing!)

Lil Muallaim # 2's Activity

I didn't want to give Lil muallim #2 the exact same sheet so I asked him to draw a masjid. He first drew it with a marker and then painted it too.

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