Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ramadan Activities Day # 16

Note: These posts were written in Ramadan but are being posted now

Continuing the Simple Activities

Lil Muallaimah's Activity

Continuing our discussion on mosques I made a simple lacing activity for Lil Muallimah. I simply drew a mosque with markers (onto a piece of cardboard cut off from a carton) and punched holes around it with a hole puncher. For ease I tied a knot with a lace at the first hole, so she could always start from the same point. 

She thoroughly enjoyed it and her brothers kept asking for their turn.... Subhanallah!

This simple home made activity came in very handy in keeping her and her friend captivated and sit quietly during taraweeh too Mashallah!

Lil Muallaim # 2's Activity

Continued with Allah's names.

 This time Lil Muallim didn't do rainbow coloring :) But still did it very neatly. Mashallah!

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