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Fasting is Ibadah



Fasting is an act of worship (Ibadah). Allah says in the Quran in ayah number 183 "O you who believe! Fasting has been prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may learn self restraint,"

Copy work (Use the blank space under the text to write points on how one will learn self restraint): print or cursive

Self restraint can be discussed with kids, through a fun discussion. Fasting should not be taught as "staying away from eating and drinking from morn to dusk". The word for fasting in arabic is "Saum" which means to abstain (stay away). Stay away from what, is where the fun discussion comes in :)

Doing bad things ....

What kind of bad things ?

Discuss examples of all kinds of bad things that can be done with eyes, ears and mouth (talking). 

Are these good things to do ? If not should we do them whether we are fasting or not ?

If not, and as fasting means staying away that means we can't do any of those things at all while we are fasting, if we want to please Allah.

As...........Fasting is an Ibadah .... an act of worship :)

Discuss the definition of Ibadah at the kids level.

Ibadah is a way of showing our love for Allah Subhanawa ta'allah, by telling Him all you have, what you would like to have, praising Him and most of all Thanking Him for everything. Ibadah makes us feel close to Allah because we talk to Him from our heart while doing it.

We can do Ibadah by:

  • Praying Salah
  • Dua (supplicate to Allah
  • Dhikr (rememberance of Allah and Exalting Him)
  • Tilawah (recitation of the Quran in a beautiful manner) 

Lil Muallim # 1 made a small chart on what fasting is. In his words : 

"Fasting is a state of Ibadah I should spend it Glorifying and Praising Allah" 

Ofcourse Ummi needs to remind but then isn't that what Ummis are for?

The image was taken from here.
Here is a powerful Ramadhan prep talk, in the light many authentic ahadith which will be the base of upcoming Ramadan Lessons pages Beidhnillah.

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