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source: Boston Globe Ramadan 2010

This is a such a cute picture Mashallah! May Allah protect and preserve these children Ameen



  One my favorite Ramadan projects from previous years is our Fastometer. I was going through a lesson on levels of fasting in a book and had a Eureka moment. I instantly started making this project with Lil Muallim # 2.  We titled it, FASTOMETER, how did I fast today? Then we drew a kind of a thermometer, dividing it in 3 parts. 
Level 1: Ordinary 
Level 2: Special 
Level 3: Extraordinary. 
We pasted related images in front of each level. Again we used images from here.
 Then I made a surprise for the kids when they weren't around. I doubled a piece of bristol board and cut one edge like a pointer. Then I cut a slit along one side of the Fastometer and slid the arrow through it till only the pointer showed on the fastometer. Then I folded the point of the extra length of the arrows extended part onto our chart so as to secure it.
Voila! So now they can judge their own fast everyday self assessing themselves. But how would they know how differentiate between the levels. That brings us to our next project below. But first see the pictures of our fastometer. I am attaching pictures of how I made it too. :)

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