Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kabah Our Qibla

Where's the Qibla

In which direction do we pray Salah

We  have done a lesson on Qiblah last yera with Lil Muallimah as posten in our Ramadn posts. Here's how it was done.,

I asked Lil Muallimah to lay out a prayer mat for me for Salah. As this is a daily routine for her Alhumdolillah she laid it out in the correct direction. Then I asked her, "Have you ever seen me pray in any other direction other than this ?" She said "No". Then I asked her, "Do you know why?" and she said "No". :):):) The cords of curiosity were now struck :):):) Then I took her to the window in the direction of the qiblah and showed her outside. I said, "You know how big Allah has made the earth we cant see everywhere from this window, right?" She nodded her head in yes. Then I said, "Can you see your cousins house from here ?" She said "No". So I said,  "In the same way far far away Kabah is straight ahead from here, we cant see it, but we know that it is there. So we pray in this direction because Kabah is our qiblah."

After this talk Lil Muallimah also made a model of  Kabah with me using foam sheets. The pictures are quite self explanatory.

Once the model Kabah was built I again repeated "When we pray salah we face the Kabah as it is our Qiblah." Then I asked her to lay down the lil prayer mats on her own facing the qibla.

We repeated the activity a few times and enjoyed it too.

An explanation of the lil prayer mats can bee seen here

The other prayer mats were made by me, and are from our Ramadan Sensory Tub.

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