Friday, August 24, 2012

Planting our Earth


A few years ago Abi had bought this kit for Lil Muallim #2 we have used this kit twice and looking forward to grow it again. The Chia seeds that come with the kit are enough to "Grow Our World" quite a few times :)

What am I talking about ?

Click on the image to buy 

Set up the Earth pieces

Fill water inside 

There are short hanging ropes behind the sponges that absorb the water from withing the globe and keep the sponges moist

Here you can see most of Asia moist, with water slowly spreading towards Africa.

Just soak the seeds overnight and then......

Spread the soaked seeds on the land areas (green sponge)

And wait for the world to grow......

 And grow......

And grow...... till the stems are too long :):)

You have to maintain the water level every day, keep the world in a well lit room and keep rotating the world for the light to reach evenly around the world.

It's a fun kit with lots of learning  about germination of seeds, conditions for plants to grow, the planet earth, land masses, continents, responsibility (watering every day). 

It can easily be turned into a unit study to cover more topics... may be we'll do it next time we grow our world :)

Oh.. I just spoke too soon. These pictures are from last year... Lil Muallim #2 just saw me writing this post and said he wanted to grow it again TOMORROW!

Earth Unit Study here we come !!!!

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