Monday, September 10, 2012

Teaching Quran from Conception to 2 years


Assalamo alaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu,

Teaching Quran is a new series of posts I have been intending to start on my blog. I got the final push from this post by Basbusa's Mama on Sugar Cake Diary. Alhumdolillah ! This and the following posts will be part of the Blog Hop: How Do You Teach Quran? she is hosting...Mashallah. I am looking forward to learning new ideas and improving our method where we are lacking Beidhnillah.

Well my journey of teaching my kids Quran started well before they were born....literally! I thank Allah for giving me the right knowledge at the right time...... Subhanallah.

But before I can start talking about what I did... I have to tell how I came about to do that. So please bare with me.

Going through the pregnancy guide book, during my 1st pregnancy I learnt that at 20 weeks (5 months) the unborn fetus can hear sounds from within the mothers body and outside. A new born also recognizes his parents voices and responds to them more than voices of others after birth, as well as other familiar sounds.

Then came a shocking new trend......

What am I talking about...........?


 Astaghfirullah !

I was shocked to see a picture similar to this in the news paper.   This became the new fad. Making babies listen to classical music in the pretext that it increased their IQ etc. Some hospitals around the world actually started doing this in their nurseries as a rule !!!!!!
Then came Baby Einstein Mozart and many other gadgets fooling innocent new parents into buying them with statements like....

"BABIES can remember melodies they heard in the womb, according to a study."

These notions were backed by different studies and researches done in universities. These researchers discussed how they organized an experiment on several pregnant moms and asked them to listen to a certain type of music during their pregnancy. They were told to stop listening to any music after the babies were born. Then after a month they asked the mothers to bring the babies in for the final test. They exposed each child to the different kinds of musics they had asked the volunteer moms to listen for this experiment to the babies one by one. While the babies showed no interest in other types of music,  their behavior showed a marked difference when THE music THEIR mother had been listening to was played. They showed signs of excitement, happines, calmness and more responsive.

As a Mulsim, there was only one lesson to be taken from this......... the fact that babies hearing starts developing in the womb and they can recognize or respond to more familiar sounds made me think.

Why not Quran ? Why not try and bring about a love for the Quran from before birth. If I deliberately expose my child to any sounds what can be more beautiful than the Quran.

That set me out on my own personal quest Alhumdolillah !

What did I do ?

I started reciting out loud to my babies in pregnancy and after they were born.

Reciting what ?

  • the Kalimah 1st thing in the morning
  • the daily adhkar
  • daily Salat slightly out loud
  • the suar (surahs) I knew by heart while I was doing work around the house......
Alhumdolillah :) I tried to do this diligently with my first two at different times of the day, while washing dishses, folding laundry etc. With my other two all this became more automatic as I would remind my older Lil Muallims to do their daily recitations and adhkar.

Did this help ?...... Oh yes it did Alhumdolillah. It did help immensely. Especially to calm my children down when they were crying, got hurt and when trying to go to sleep.

Further on, by continuing this practice, helped my children to actually learn and recite the daily adhkar, suar (surahs) and Salat...... it was more like fill in the blanks Subhanallah !

Over the years, one after the other Allah put so many related articles, news pieces and presentations from Islamic perspective in front of me which I have benefited from.

It has been a wonderful journey full of surprises which I intend to share in the coming posts Beidhnillah !


Basbusa's Mama said...

Masha'Allah, your kids are so lucky to have a mom who has made Quran such a high priority ever since they were conceived! I'm so looking forward to reading the rest of your advice. Jazaaki Allahu khayr for sharing all your experience!

Umm Umamah said...

All praises are for Allah and Him alone. May Allah make me as good as you think I am. We are mere vessels of His Qadr. I am no better than any mom. We all love our children and strive for the best for them in this dunya and the Hereafter. Having said that I have my own short comings and constantly strive to over come them....May Allah help me to improve and become a better Muslimah, mother, wife and home maker Ameen


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