Sunday, March 6, 2011

Memorizing Juzz Amma


By the Grace of  Allah, Lil Muallim # 2 is Mashallah following Lil Muallim # 1 and is almost towards the end of memorizing Juzz Amma Alhumdolillah.

I am using different tools to encourage him with his hifdh Mashallah.

For correct pronunciations and Tajweed he repeats the Ayahs he is memorizing through the Juzz 30 program, I found on Talibiddeen Junior.

May Allah reward the people who made this program abundantly. Ameen

What Lil Maullim # 2 loves is that he has his own log in account which stores the surahs in his heart Mashallah.

See for yourself. It's so cute!

As you can see:

  1.  set it to limited number of ayahs
  2.  how many times you want to repeat the ayahs 
  3.  the pause between them etc

Also, when he is working on a surah he can fill the ayahs in his heart. As you drag and put in each memorized ayah the heart for that surah starts getting filled and becomes fully red ONLY when the whole surah is done. Such a beautiful idea Mashallah

Even though the program is called Juz 30 you can use it for other surahs, juzz and even the whole Quran Alhumdolillah. Infact you can even choose and download the select surahs or the whole Quran  in your favorite Qari's recitation.

In our home we are using another thing besides the Juz 30 program (because that's only on the computer) I wanted something more visual something he could hold and touch. So when i found Juz Amma poster we got from Muslim Stickers I simply loved it. Everytime he finishes his gets to stick a surah fruit on his tree. 

Here's Lil Muallim # 2's, a few more stickers to go Mashallah!

Can't wait for the last stickers to go up.

You can buy yours here
NEW! My Juz Amma Tree Chart
Got to love that Mashallah!

May Allah help us and our children t o stay steadfast in His way and reward those who facilitate us in His path Ameen

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