Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sensory Tubs # 1


I saw sensory tubs for the first time at Counting Coconuts and simply LOVED the concept. Only when I made my own, did I realize the potential of this medium. It's a great activity for toddlers and can be worked around in so many ways.

It not only gets the kids excited but also invites them to talk about the things they are touching, make stories and let their imagination run wild. While exploring this activity, their reactions and enthusiasm made my mind race with so many other possibilities. 

For now here is our 1st Sensory Tub experience:

Our first sensory tub was very basic and we played with it at different levels as I was exploring the concept with my kids.

Level 1

I Spy


I asked:

I spy with little eye something that is round and soft
I spy with little eye something that is light green and hard
I spy with little eye something that fixes hair 
etc etc

Lil Muallimah enjoyed answering the simple riddles and her eyes glowed when she picked the right thing.

She even made simple stories like:

The rabbits eating the lentils and the pom pom is on the flower 
The trees top is falling (referring to the cactus:):))

Then Lil Maullimah started moving her hand inside the tub that made think of :

Level 2


I poured in some more lentils and covered everything. Then I told her to find the lost objects.

Lil Muallimah looking for objects

She had soooo much FUN doing this. She would find something and tell what it is and then pull it out with a shining face happy with her accomplishment. Mashallah!

Level 2

Find it!

Third time round I told her to move her hand around and find only the thing I described. This was an added sensorial activity with the sensory tub as, she had too feel and find what I had asked for. She really played like good sport in this one. She only pulled her hand out when she felt she was sure she got it, which she did most of the times Mashallah. And when something else popped out of the lentils, she quickly hid it back under lentils with an Oops!  

Here are all the things she found till there were none left .......... and then did it all over AGAIN!!!! :)

Lil Muallim # 2 thought this was a very COOL activity, and he begged for one for himself, So I made one for him too, with a boyish theme. :) hahaha!

I played with Lil Muallim # 2 a little differently

Level 1

List it!
(a memory game)

For List it! I first made Lil Muallim# 2 count how many objects there were. Then I gave him a minute to look at everything closely, and try to remember them.

Then I covered everything with more lentils, and asked him to list all that he could remember. Could he remember all of them?

Level 2

Find it !

This time round Lil Muallim # 2 had to find the object I described. It was  great practice of attention and patience. Every time I asked him to find something he found other things, which he quickly pushed back.. He couldn't wait for me to ask for the particular things that kept popping out, which I didn't till the end. Watching his enthusiastic face was a treat for me :):):)


I found a very cute idea for Sensory Tub for Babies too.

Since our first attempt I have played with other ideas too. Will be posting about them soon Inshallah! 

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