Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toddler Fun Learning Activities 6

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Math (Tactile): 
  1. Number Recognition
  2. Preparing to write numbers 
Fine Motor Skills (preparation of practical life): 
  1. Pegging (muscle control)
Practical Life:
  1. Cleaning chalkboard
Spatial Sense:
  1. Matching Shapes

Math (Tactile)

Number Recognition

In Montessori method sand paper number are used to make the child recognize numbers through sight and sense of touch.

Though a bit time consuming these can be made easily. 

While planning to make these I came across a wall poster at my local $ store. It got me excited and a bit lazy. :) I decided to use these as an alternate to sand paper numbers.

I cut up each number block from the poster and placed them in a box.

Lil Muallimah takes one number card out at a time, first counts the object in the embossed picture, then traces the number with her finger.

I sit with her during this activity to guide her to trace the number correctly. As this sis going to be her foundation for writing the numbers later on.

Preparation to Writing Numbers

I had this number counting book hanging around the house. (again from the $ store) Lil Muallimah really enjoys looking through the book and counting.  So, as my heart was still set on sand paper numbers, I started this number writing activity with Lil Muallimah.

I got out a box I had been saving to make an activity. I put enough salt in it to cover it's base. I placed the book next to the box and showed Lil Muallimah what to do.

The paper of the book is slightly course so it is quite sensorial too and gives her a sense of the shape of the number.Alhumdolillah.

Open the book to the first number page, count the object in the picture, trace the number in the book. Next write the number in the salt with her own finger.

She thoroughly enjoys this activity. My other Lil Muallims play with it too Alhumdolillah. :)

Fine Motor Skills


I saw this activity on another blog can't remember which one :(. I'll try finding it again and will post the link Inshallah

So what's the activity?

Funny enough when I introduced this activity, Lil Maullim # 1 asked Lil Muallimah if he could do it before her. Well Lil Muallimah simply took away the wooden peg from him and started on his own. Lil Muallimah asked again, if he could try. Lil Muallimah said,
"Wait I have to put all of them first." :) 

Practical Life

Cleaning Chalk Board 

Lil Muallimah writing on the chalk board. 

She surprised me by writing out the letter A and H in upper case letter and also naming them correctly. I realized she had picked it up by playing on her Vtech toy she had got as a gift Mashallah.

Now, most children love playing and drawing on the chalk board. As much as they like to doodle on it they get upset when they can't find more space to doodle. Then they need the board to be clean

I can't remember where I read this idea but I loved applying it in our house. My Lil Muallims find it really funny and ask for their special dusters. What you may ask? Their old socks.

I keep worn out socks or those with lost pairs !!! :):):)

Spatial Sense

Matching Shapes

The following is a very simple activity but fun as it involves animals, so Lil Muallaimah has been doing it repeatedly in the past few weeks. I got the printable from kizclub.com, colored it and pasted it on construction paper.

You can fine many more such activities to print out here

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