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Learning from and about Earthquakes

File:Good Friday Earthquake at Turnagain Arm.jpg
source: wikipedia

The following post is VERY DIFFERENT from all other posts on my blog. It might even be very heavy on the heart, but we can't turn our faces away from REALITY. Some of you might be doing a lesson on earthquakes at home. As this topic can be discussed on many levels young and old. Following are some resources you may like to use.  The resources are geared more towards older kids or mature kids (regardless of age) and most of all for ourselves!!! 

1. Islamic (punishment on nations) 

a) Thamud people of Salih (Alaihissalam) punished by Earthquake

Lecture by Muhammad Al Shareef on Thamud The Perished Nation of Petri

b) Qadrallah....... God's Will

2. Qiyamah (suratul zil zal)

 Recitation with presentation : 

Heart Wrenching Recitation with translation :

3. Signs of Qiyamah (Natural disasters will increase)

4.Natural Disasters

5.  The Scientific Phenomenon behind them

Earthquakes for kids

The main site more resources:

The Science :

6.  Sadaqah (caring of others in trouble and their needs)

Discuss: Past Earthquakes and Tsunamis ... plight of refugees

Haiti, Pakistan, Kobe (Japan), Turkey, Algeria

Significant Earthquakes. Find the year you are looking for; (a complete record or Earthquakes around the world... DAY BY DAY) they happen more often than we realize:

7. JAPAN (the recent calamity)


You may want to share these pictures or videos with the kids as you find suiatable:

Pictures....hover over the pictures to see before and after

Aftermath Pictures

I will be adding more resources on Natural Disasters for a Religious and Scientific study. If you have something to share please share in the comments. If the comments don't work for any reason (having trouble with it lately) do email me @


Talibiddeen Jr. said...

As salaamu alaykum,

Ma sha Allah. Great resources.

Umm Umamah said...

Walaykum assalam ukhti,
Alhumdolillah, glad you found them useful. :)


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