Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Experiment - Organic Egg vs Regular Egg

Shell Eggsperiment

Organic vs Non Organic

After Experiment # 1 it was only natural to wonder how long would it take an organic egg shell to dissolve. 


As the organic egg shell is thicker and stronger than the regular egg shell, it will probably take longer to dissolve in vinegar (acetic acid).

Materials Needed:

Organic egg shells
Regular egg shells
2 small ziplocs or bottles
Dish to hold them.


  1. Place each of the egg shells in a separate ziploc.
  2. Pour equal amount of vinegar in each and close it tight.
  3. Keep checking the bags every few hours and make observation.
  4. Open the ziploc and check the state of the egg shells after a day
  5. Check the difference again the 2nd day.


#1 Within a few minutes of pouring vinegar into the ziploc bags bubbles started to form, showing air escaping from the egg shells. This is actually the reaction of vinegar (acetic acid) with the calcium carbonate crystals, forming carbon dioxide gas.

# 2 After about 20 minutes there were lots of bubbles collected on top of the vinegar.

#3 After a couple of hours the organic egg shell bag seemed to have some reddish brown pigment floating in the bag. (Not sure what it was).

# 4 The bags also looked looked puffed up, showing that they were full of carbon dioxide. 

NOTE:We had to open the bags and release the air , fearing the ziploc bag might burst. In this sense we were glad we used ziplocs cause it showed and proved the constant production of carbon dioxide due to the reaction between the egg shells and vinegar.

We decided to double check and release some gas again from the bags before going to bed.

# 5 On the next day a piece of  the regular egg shell crumpled easily, when rubbed between two fingers. The organic egg shell pieces looked less disintegrated but were also crumpling easily.

# 6  On the 3rd day on taking out the egg shell the second inner membrane was also visible as it separated in the regular egg shell. The egg shell had completely disintegrated and was clinging to the membrane like wet powder. The small shell pieces, floating in the vinegar, turned into a powdery paste when rubbed between the finger.

# 7 The organic egg shell had softened up more but was till visible in pieces clinging to the inner membrane.

All the white paper like material around the organic shell is actually is its inner membrane


The regular egg shell reacted faster with the vinegar than the organic egg shell proving the hypothesis. 

Reference Site:


Umm Safufa said...

Maashaa Allaah, your experiments are really interesting.. I'm looking forward to doing them with my kids, bi idhnillaah :-)

Umm Safiya

Umm Umamah said...

Alhumdolillag Sister, do let me know how it goes when you do them.


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