Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fresh egg or Rotten egg Part 1

Part 1

Good egg Bad Egg

To find out
How to tell a rotten egg from a fresh egg without braeking it.

You Need
2 fresh eggs, a digital weighing scale, to clear glasss jars, water and a lot of patience.


For  this we weighed eggs and picked two that weighed the same. We placed them in water and they stayed at the bottom flat on their sides, like this.

The eggs we chose weighed 61 gm each. We marked them "do not use" and "to rot" so we wouldn't use them by mistake. One was left in the fridge and the other outside to rot. 

Our Findings

After a week we weighed both the eggs. The one that wa sin teh frdige still weighed 61 gm, while the "to rot" egg weighed 57  gm, 4 gm less showing it had lost some of its moisture through it's semi-permeable membrane.

We placed the now lighter "to rot" egg in water and this time it did not lie horizontally but lifted up slightly standing on its tip. hhmm interesting.

After 2 weeks we weighed the egg again. It now weighed 54 gm That is 7 gm less than it's original weight. Our other egg had been left out by mistake for 2 days and apparently it had also lost some of it's moisture and weighed 2 gm less that is 59gm.

No we placed both the eggs in water to see what would happen? 

Here's what we saw.

The egg "to rot" egg  stayed afloat, and the other egg stood slightly on its tip. 

My Lil Muallims tried pushing it down with their finger a couple of times but bobbed right back up.

 WHY? says:

"There is a small air pocket in the large end of the egg. When the egg is fresh, the pocket is only about 1/8th of an inch deep and as large around as a dime. As the egg ages, however, it loses both moisture and carbon dioxide — shrinking — so that the size of the air space increases. And the size of the air space determines the buoyancy of the egg."

We noticed  the big air sac for ourselves by cracking teh egg. In comparison to the air sacs of other eggs we have been noticing for the past weeks, (at breakfast time) this one was surely bigger.

See for yourself!



Click  HERE for Part 2 of this experiment

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