Friday, February 11, 2011

Rising Bubble

What Goes Down Must Come Up

If you are wondering about the anti gravity title. The following experiment will explain what I mean.

We put oil in water that was colored with food coloring. 
Lil Muallimah's jar
Lil Muallim # 2's jar

After it separated we put a teaspoon of salt in the jar

It started to go down slowly. Notice the upside down bump between the oil and water?

And after a few seconds a bubble rose up from the bottom of the jar

My Lil Muallims caught on to the idea and kept trying it out again and again. 

As you can see it kept happening.

Now why was that?

When we poured the salt it took some oil down with it. As oil is less dense than water it has to rise back up again resulting in the bubble

All 3 Muallim's enjoyed this a lot. They kept on adding salt to their jars till the level of liquids rose up the rim.... :) Mashallah! 

We got the idea for this from here:

Just a little correction in th narration in the video the oil rises up not because it is lighter than water but because it is less dense

1 comment:

Umm Abdir-Rahman said...

Assalamualikum wr wb

MashaAllah you have some great ideas, that I can't wait to try inshaAllah. I think my little one will really enjoy the oil, water and salt idea, will try it with him today.

JKK for sharing sister


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