Thursday, October 4, 2012

Continent Nomenclature Cards


The more I do it , the more I love Montessori method. The fixed colors of continents make things so much simpler and understandable for young minds.

I found these FREE Continent Nomenclatures cards (in Montessori colors) at the Helpful Garden. I almost jumped out of my seat, because I just happened to find these just as I was thinking of making them by myself. 

I also found another free one here at Montessori helper.

ETC has excellent  ones too, but I prefer them for once the Continent recognition has been strengthened. These are like real pictures  of Earth.

Well back to our activity...... I cut and pasted our cards as soon as I had the printouts in my hand. Once done Lil Muallimah did this.....She used her big map for reference, Mashallah!

Next we played a few games of Twister as posted in my last post and then we did these extensions...

Continent Match up with picture cards

Continent Match up with name cards

We did another activity... Continent tracing that you can check out from the link below:

Continent Tracing

Other related activities:

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