Monday, October 22, 2012

Hajj Activities for Kids 2


I was looking for around for ideas for Hajj to do with kids. It's amazing to see how many wonderful ways other Muslim Moms do Hajj activities, with their kids Mashallah! Due to other engagements I am not able to do much hands on these days. But I am really enjoying these amazing ideas on Muslim Mom Blogs. 

So the next best thing to doing activities  is looking and teaching through them. 

My kids enjoy seeing what others did. So here's a list I collected for them and sharing with you.

Besides the resource links I posted in Hajj Activities for Kids 1 post here are some of the best I have seen Mashallah. You will find printable and activities. Choose what suits you and your kids. Inshallah.

Go all the way down on the post and look for this button to get the downlaod of Pillars of Islam Printable with Related Ayah and Hadith Mashallah

Find the pdf for things to do on the first day of DhulHijjah at the end of the post through this button.

And then ofcourse theirs Eid ul Adha :) Once again find this button at the bottom of the Celebration of Eidul-Adha link.

Rawdah-tul 'ilm - Garden of Knowledge 

Hajj Banner Cute Mashallah

Pillars of Islam Mobile So nicely done Mashallah


handmade beginnings

Hajj Pop Up Card, Dio Rama and more Very cute Mashallah!

Hajj Journey Wooden Board Game SUPER COOL MASHALLAH!

Hajj Diorama Very simple yet detailed Mashallah!

Hajj Lapbook :):):):):)

I found this carefully written 10 Activities to learn about Hajj 

Hajj for kids step by step Great effort Mashallah

Makkah Lapbook Mashallah

Jannah Steps has a whole set of posts on Hajj Activities countdown. For convenience I will post links of each here Inshallah.

First there is the Hajj Journal Print use Mashallah!

Hajj Countdown Activities 2/10 get the passport and pack the suitcase

Hajj Countdown Activities 4/10 Hajj Travel book and Map 

Hajj Countdown Activities 6/10 Ihram and Talbiyah

Hajj Countdown Activities 8/10 Mina tent and Arafah Dua

Hajj Countdown Activities 10/10 Jamarat stonning and Udhiya


Ilma Education and play has some very simple and interestion posts Mashallah.

Islamic Mosaic Art Subhanallah! This ones a must do :)

3 Hajj Printable Glad to have found these Alhumdolillah


May Allah reward these sisters immensley for sharing such inspiring activities Mashalah!


umm sufyan n sofya said...

V nice post.n such good ideas..really love ur blog masha Allah nice work..m new to homeschooling n blogging..n u r an inspiration in both terms..may Allah reward for your contributions..tkcre

Eva said...

MashaAllah jazakAllahu khairun for sharing this list of activities :) can't wait to go through all of them. Also jzk for linking me! :)


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