Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Math Curriculum

Math Curriculum Choice At Umamah Learning Academy

I am often asked what Math curriculum I use? Well, initially I never looked into any curriculum for math or any other subject, for that matter. I made up my own curriculum with Internet as my guide and resource for Lil Muallim # 1. I did lean towards Math Mammoth as moved on to upper elementary. 

But as I started to work with Lil Muallim # 2 and Lil Muallimah along with Lil Maullim # 1, I started looking for a clearer direction. I  started to loose my confidence in being able to provide what they needed. Well time showed that I was worrying needlessly as I really didn't workbooks but mathematical thought and attitude.

What made me realise that? 

A friend told me about this new Math curriculum she found in her search for a math curriculum for homeschoolers. I was intrigued.

I joined the Math on the Level Yahoo Group to get a feel for it. 
What makes this yahoo group even more special for me was the fact that the author herself is on the group and replies to almost EVERY email personally with tips and ideas. I simply LOVE her humility. Mashallah

Let me tell you, in a matter of weeks I was totally sold on this curriculum. Now I just had to save up to buy it. and buy I did! Alhumdolillah.


Because it is nothing like anything else out there. It doesn't have workbooks or worksheets but actually provides the tools and freedom to teach and learn math in FUN and relaxed way. I can't rave enough about this wonderful Math Curriculum, prepared by homeschooling parents Carlita and John Boyles.


Oooooh!! Sooooo many things!
  • It's made by homeschooling parents so they know EXACTLY how it is
  • It teaches you to think OUT OF THE BOX and SEE math everywhere
  • It teaches you there ISN'T only ONE WAY and how to find what works for each individual child
  • It gives you the freedom to work with your child's strengths and weaknesses WITHOUT pressure
  • It allows you to curb the curriculum to your child's abilities and not to curb the child to the curriculum
  • It goes with the child's maturational level and not grade level
  • It tailors itself to each individuals learning styles
  • It takes away the tears and brings smiles and joy 
  • It gives confidence to the parent as well as the child
  • It makes Math natural, infact so natural that you start seeing math in things you never noticed before
  • It allows you to follow your child's interest and PLAY MATH with him in everyday life
  • and and and... I could go on
If you are wondering, why I am rambling  and raving so much?

"NO I haven't been paid to say all this ! Hahaha"

I just love the freedom and confidence Math on the Level has given me in teaching math and want others to experience it too.

I truly thank Allah for showing me this path, All Praises are for Him The Facilitator.

I also use, Maria Miller's, Math Mammoth as it works very well with Math on the Level for my family. We love the tips and tricks  she teaches in her books and videos.

Plus, I  use several Math worksheets generating websites some of which are listed here on my resource blog:

Math Worksheets

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