Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Importance of Adhan

Adhan - the Call to Prayer

Abi and the boys had an opportunity to attend an Adhan Workshop, by Qari Imran Khan at our local Masjid a few months back. It had been a deep learning and inspiring experience for all. 

Lil Muallim # 1 has been practicing the adhan for quite a few years, but more so as he is growing Mashallah. He looks for forward to a chance to give adhan sometimes when we have a large gathering at home to announce Salah time and Lil Muallim # 2 does the Iqamah. Mashallah!

A few days back while intending to review etiquettes and importance of adhan with my Lil Muallims I found the link to the actual workshop at the Understand Quran website. It has the power point presentation, the audio file and all Mashallah! 

You can check it out by becoming a member of Understand Quran Academy and support their cause:
 Adhan Workshop by Qari Imran Khan

Some of our favorite and beautiful Adhans are by:

Mishary Rashid El Afasy

Another style by Mishary Rashid El Afasy

Muhammad Adil Al-Emadi

Hadji Abdul Gani Hoshi From Sarajevo Bosnia

We are also using the following resources to support our review:

Littke Explorers Magazine's February/March Issue have a special section on Adahn. It's cute and colorful look makes you want to pick it up to read... and you are not disappointed!
If you don't get this magazine... go ahead click on the image. I highly recommend you to subscribe it. 
Ahadith on Adhan from Sahih Bukhari
or click on the image below and get your own copy
Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al Bukhari (Large Size 7 X 10)

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