Monday, August 15, 2011

Ramadan Activities Day # 11


Lil Muallimah's Activities

Ramadan Vocabulary 

We discussed ain is for Ibadah and what ibadah means. Staying away from things that Allah dislikes and doing things he loves. Then I asked Lil Muallimah "What does Allah like us to do most?" she said "Read Quran and pray Salah"..... Mashallah! Then I said, "What about making dua and praisng Allah  on how wonderful He is". she said "That too!" Alhumdolillah. 

She colored in her Ibadah worksheet and then we cut out the pictures to make her craft.

Ibadah Craft

We continued our discussion on Ibadah and why we do it. To show or love for Allah..... 
I made lil mualliamh stick her colored cut outs from the Ibadaah worksheet on a foam sheet and cut them out again. I cut out one.

I used the heart shape cut out foam sheet from  our previous Allah gave us craft and Lil Muallimah stuck another foam piece under it. I wrote Allah inside the heart which Lil Muallimah colored in with glitter pen Mashallah!

Next I punched three holes at the bottom of the heart with a toothpick and inserted threads in them. Lil Muallimah then stuck the cut outs with tape onto the threads.


We do Ibaadah to show our love for Allah! 

Ramadan Activity Bag day # 11

Bag # 11 holds her puppets from day # 10 for her to pull out and play..:)

Lil Muallim # 2's Activities

Dreaming of Jannah

All of us dream about Jannah, but to really make it a reality we have to strive to stay steadfast on the right path with emaan and patience. For our little children learning this fact is an ongoing process just like it is for us even at our ages. For really getting this concept into the innocent minds of our children, I have yet another family tradition. Almost evry year I make my Lil muallims talk / draw about what they would like to have in Jannah. Anything they would like as nothing is impossible for  Allah. Over the years we have had many interesting and creative ideas come from them Mashallah.

The point of this activity is that after all the excitement they feel thinking wonderful things they would like to enjoy in Jannah, is to actually think how they can get all that or even better for real? It's very interesting to see the serious ponderings after that. I tell them that Allah is capable of giving all we can imagine of and beyond....we can never truly imagine the bounties Allah has in store for His blesssed people. The question is....... are we striving in His way to become among the blessed people?

This time round Lil muallim # 2 preferred to use a whole bristol board to make his drawing rather than an A4 sheet. Below are sections of his drawings with explanations.

A big castle with his flags and a chocolate cookie throwing machine at it's side. The chocolate cookies are being thrown onto the chocolate fountain which spreads onto the cookies and then hardens inside the cookies......

He asked if he could  draw a boy with a smiley face to show his brother he wants to meet. (my premature son who passed away a few minutes after he was born)

A ride....... that really looks like a Ferris Wheel to me, not only was I impressed by his drawing but also surprised at the his choice.

His flying horse and him following it in his flying machine with a colorful rainbow on top

A machine making the best, fastest cars
plus a machine dishing out his favorite breakfast mango pulp with milk and sugar in a bowl with paratha (fried roti) popping machine.

A huge never ending ice cream cone with a machine at the bottom that would just keep the ice cream coming!

A volcano shooting out his favorite chocolates and candies also adding them to the ice cream

A sprinkle spraying machine next to the volcano spreading  sprinkles out everywhere underneath the cookies and a chocolate chip machine adding chocolate chips to the chocolate river. 


I truly love this tradition in our home which started with LiL Muallim #1 years ago. His drawings and ideas had really left me dumbfounded  and all emotioanl about the innocence of thought and creative thinking these young minds are capable of Subhanallah!

In the end after the drawing and all the excitement I get a chance to talk to them how that coud become a reality and what they would have to do for it. As the days pass I sometimes mention something from their drawing saying....."Who wants that?", "How are we going to get that?".....and most of the times the desired change in behavior action comes about. Alhumdolillah!


O Allah  help us to perfect our  salah how our dear Prophet Sallalaho alaihi wasallam has taught us. Make us among those who are conscious of their salah, and establish it as it is required of us..... O Allah make us among those who are able to enter the Jannah through Bab us Salah ........... Ameen


Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashaa'Allaah!!!! I love the pictures. This reminds me of the dua activity we did- in a sense of getting to know your children- their wants and desires. All through this post I was just smiling at the pictures- the imagination - the thought- May Allaah grant you and your family true success in this life and the next Ameen.
You guys put a lot of thought into your activities Mashaa'Allaah Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum

stéfani said...

Assalamu Aleikum,
I liked a lot your blog.
It is very interesting and it gave me some ideas to put in my bedroom. :)

Allah Hafiz


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