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Ramadan Activities Day # 7



Lil Mualliamh's Activities

Ramadan Vocabulary 

We continued to review arabic haroof. When I gave the haroof list page to lil Muallimah she started to fill in the color inside the haroof.... obviously soon she started feeling tired......Later I showed her to only trace inside the alphabets as she had been tracing with her finger the bigger haroof on her worksheets..... Voila the sheet was done in less than 2 minutes :) Mashallah 

We also did Ba Bismillah (which she didn't want to color...... :) and Allah is Alkhaliq in relation to the first wahi lesson (Read, in the name of your Rabb who created). Lil Muallimah told me she drew our family, grapes, tree, grass, water, fish and thee sun...... all in pink! :) Our main focus was on taa Taharah.

Cleanliness is a part of of Emaan

So we adopted a wonderful clean up idea from A dear friend of mine teaches in a local Islamic school and for clean up time she just starts reading the hadith "At tahooro Shatrul Imaan"  and  it's meaning "Cleanliness is a part of Emaan" in a tune and that's the cue for the kids to start cleaning up.I loved how she did it and so much better than the clean up song Mashallah! 

We try to use it as a wonderful reminder for ourselves. The whole concept is so nice Mashallah that I have found my kids using it on their own too at times Mashallah. 

I tell my Lil Muallims that Alhumdolillah besides feeling good after the clean up we also hopefully get the ajr of reciting and following the hadith as it reminds us to do it to please Allah

(Unfortunately of recent we hadn't been doing it  so I really thought I needed to revive this).

In reviving the hadith with Lil Muallimah she did the following coloring:

We discussed that:
  • Allah likes us to be nice and clean.
  • What things do we use to be clean and went over the pictures. 

Ramadan Activity Bag day # 7

Ramadan Vocabulary / Concepts Match up Game 

 I used Lil Maullimahs haroof cards to make a match up game with the learned concepts and vocabulary words by picture. Lil Muallim # 1 helped her play the game. It was a very good review for her Mashallah ! With continuous play I am sure she will soon be able to do it independently Inshallah.

File it all up

We also finally filed up all her Ramadan week # 1 worksheets.

Once it was all filed up I went through the file like a story with her. Lil Muallim # 1 and # 2 two were busy talking on the side and Lil Muallinah cried out "Shhhhhhhhh" to the them quite a few times saying "I am listening to my STORY!!!!!"

( I have added the un filed worksheets here to help you understand the story easily Inshallah.)

Here's how the story went:

We saw the ha hilal so we knew it was Ramadan! Ramadaan Mubarak ! In Ramadaan we fast for Allah and open our fast with ta Tamr. 

Alif Allah is wow Wahid the Only One. He gave us the qaaf Quran...

 ..through ra Rasulallah meem Muahmmad Sallalaho alaih wasallam, 

When Rasolallah Sallallaho alaihi wasallam went to jeem Jabal and sat in a ghain ghar, Allah sent him a wow Wahi with the angel Jibrael Alaihissalaam.

 He said alif Iqraa Read in the name of you Rabb who created you, created you from a tiny lil baby shape, Allah is al Akram for he given us so many things (Alhumdolillah!) He taught us by the pen, taught us the things we did not know.

To read the Quran we need to know arabic so we learn the Ha haroof.

We say ba Bismillah when we start to do anything. especially the Quran.

 Before touching and reading the Quran we have  to make ourselves clean because Allah likes us to be clean. T'aa taharah,

 Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam said At Tahooro Shatril emaan-Cleanlineessiss a part of our Emaan.

Alhumdolillah Lil Muallimah was very attentive throughout the story and listened and participated intently Mashallah! I feel the understanding the concepts by relating them really helps.

You Need to CHANGE !

Our Lil Muslimah paper doll

Ok I have to admit I was actually re living my childhoodd with this one. I had thought of this idea long ime ago and had forgot all abut it. While making wudu for Asr Salah it suddenly hit me again. Subhanallah! I just figured out how to relate it to todays lesson. 

So after salah I asked Lil Muallimah if she would like to play a special dress up doll game.........ofcourse she was all for it.

I quickly drew and made the following cut outs out of card stock. With Lil Mualliamh's help I glued the two pieces together to make  the doll more sturdy. Next came the clothes I gave Lil Muallimah one cut out to design her own Lil Muslimah dolls clothes and worked on the other one myself.

Here's what came out of all that:


" Lil Muslimah was playing outside with her friends and was having a lot of fun, but her clthes got quite dirty so Mu sia ...."O lil Muallimah looks like you had a alot of fun! But now you will have to clean yourself and change into nice and clean clothes. Hurry up ... give me your clothes so I can wash them and wear nice clen onees, because Allah likes us to be clean "At tahooro Shatrul Emaan- Cleanliness is a part of Emaan"

  So Lil Muslimah quickly took a shower and dresed in her nice clean clothes while mum washed the dirty ones. Mashallah! Doesn't she look nice?"

Later in the evening I made another dress for Lil Muslimah

Lil Muallim # 2's Activities

The 2nd Wahi

We continued our discussion of the 1st wahi and I even read out the story of the time revelations started to come to Rasulallah Sallallaho alaihi Wasallam to Liluallim # 2 through the book The Sealed Nectar. He was quite amaazed to learn that Prophet had true dreams. It was good review for me too. Alhumdolillah!

Later he made his 2nd wahi craft by first typing it up himself using a simple and easy translation from Quran Explorer. Next we printed it out and he colored it with silver glitter paint this time.

While he was painting we reviewed what allah said in teh 2nd wahi to Rasulallah Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam. I insisted that he used his own words to tell the essence and not just recite the translation to me. I  helped him out with prompts in  the narration: 

"Allah said O you wrapped in garments as Rasulallah Sallallo Alaihi Wasallam was shivering and had asked his wife Khadijah Radiyallaho t'Allah anha to cover him. Allah told him to get up and warn his people about Allah, to Magnify Allah for His Greatness, to wear clean clothes and be purified through ghusl and wudu, and to stay away from idol worship."


Oh Allah please help me truly understand the essence of whatever we are learning so that we can apply it practically in our lives and gain Your Pleasure.....Ameen


Umm Suhailah said...


I enjoy reading your post Mashaa'Allaah.

Perhaps when you have time can you answer these questions:

1. What grade levels do you teach?
2. Do you have a behind the scenes post of your day normally goes?
3. What curriculum/lesson plans are you using?
4. Do you come up with your own activities?

Umm Umamah said...

Assalamo alaikum ukhti,
I amglad you enjoyed the post may you get the rewards for making sure we actually do theactivities :):):)
Inshallah I will tackle your 1st two questions in the newschol year.........
As for the activities, I do come up with most myself, for the ones that are the result of an inspiration I get from someone I try my level best to mention it.

umm_souleymane said...

Salemoaleiky, mashaAllah mashaAllah where i can find these files minfadlik?

Umm Umamah said...

Walaykum assalam Ukhti,

All files are saved in my computer somewhere. Please let me know which ones in particular you are interested in so I can start uploading them from there. Inshallah I am hoping to have a separate downloads page for convenience. Beridhnillah


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