Friday, August 5, 2011

Ramadan Activities Day # 4


Alhumdolillah by the Mercy of Allah I am really enjoying how are lessons are tying in together everyday with what we did the day before. I can see the kids getting the connection and Mashallah soaking it in too.

So on day 4 we talked about where, when and how Quran was revealed. The kids have been pointing out Mount Noor on the Seerah trail map and puzzle since they got then on 1st Ramadan. 

I narrated the story of revelation to them, I stressed on the first word revealed Iqra (read) saying that's the first word Allah sent to us in the Quran, showing how important it is to read, learn and get knowledge.

Lil Maullimah's Activities

Lil Muallimah Ramadan Vocabulary

For Lil Mualliamah we made the connections from the story of first revelation with our Ramadan Vocabulary word list.

Rasolallah Sallalho alaihi wasallam used to go to Jabl ( mountain) and sit in a Ghar (cave. There Angel Jibrael Alaihissalam gave him the Wahi ( Allah's message)

The Jeem jabl coloring was done on Ramadan day 2
These Ramadan Vocabulary printables can be found here.

How can we READ

 Later in the day I said to Lil Maullimah Allah said Iqrah -Read.... What does Allah want us to read. Thinking seriously Lil Maullimah said bright eyed... 'The Quran'.... Mashallah! 

So then I asked, "How can we read Quran ?" slightly showing what I had in my hand.....Lil Mualliamh exclaimed, "the alif baa"

Then I exclaimed "Yes Mashallah! We need to know Arabic the language of the Quran so we msut knoww how to READ our huroof."

This led to the arabic huroof cards that Lil Muallimah plays with from time to time. This time Lil Muallimah actually did all of them in one sitting with Mualliam # 2 asking her what comes next everytime, helping her naming the ones she is a bit unsure of. She laid down the cards one by one checking on her main huroof card.

Towards the end we noticed meem was missing...well I will have to look for it later. Just another reminder not all lessons are done perfectly to the dot, but learning still happens every time Alhumdolillah! 

Ramadan Activity Bag 4 

A simple memory or snap game I got from Umm Abdul Basir's old blog:  

I was quite surprised and pleased t find Lil maullim # 2 wanting to play the game again and again with Lil Muallimah and me. They both also played the game quietly by themselves a couple of times. Mashallah.

It's such a simple game but a wonderful connection to what they are seeing during Ramadan at  home too Alhumdolillah !

Kinds of date seeds

On continuing our lesson on dates. I showed and discussed the date seeds. How allah has made teh sam efruit to look different and have different tastes and seeds. Some are too sweet and soft while others are not too sweet and stiff. I had also saved a up the seed of an ajwa date which Lil Muallimah insisted was baby date nut. For now she prefers to call them the date nut and doesn't like the word seed for them.

Lil Maullim # 2's Activities

Quran was revealed in the Month of Ramadan

Lil muallim 3 2 maade a simple craft depicting the ayah 

" Shahro Ramadan allaazi Unzila feehil Quran"
(Surah Tul Baqarah - Verse 185)

I gave him the picture of an open mushaf to color and then asked him to write numbers in Arabic in a grid just like they would be in a calendar. I did write down the numbers in sequence for him to copy from. Next we pasted the papers on bristol board. I traced out the words Ramadn (for the name of the month on top of the calendar dates) which Lil Muallim # 2 traced.

 Finally we glued thin craft sticks to connect the two cut outs to depict 'unzila' (revealed/sent down). To make sure the sicks didn't move while the glue dried we taped them to the table, and weighed it down with a thick book. When done we also taped the sticks from the back (just in case :))

The final craft on our Ramadan craft wall......Mashallah!

Later we reviewed the craft a couple of times during the day, with me pointing to each part of the craft and Lil Mualim # 2 reciting the Ayah. Mashallah!

My Lil Muallims date bags

Giving dates as gifts 

Every year we discuss the following hadith :

The Prophet Sallallaho alaihi wasallam said: He who gives food for a fasting person to break his fast, he will receive the same reward as him, except that nothing will be reduced from the fasting persons reward." 

Lil Muallim # 2 made these with me for an aunty who was visiting us. While we were making it I asked him why were we doing this and he said: "For the sake of Allah and to get extra rewards!"


The aunty was very pleased with the gift Alhumdolillah and told Lil Muallim # 2 that she would open her fats with his dates., which brought the brightest smile on his face with a touch of shyness. Mashallah!

Ofcourse the Lil couldn't be left behind and then she made one bag too for our next door neighbours and kept asking all day when she coul go and give it to her. I sent her  before Iftar time with Lil Maullim #1   with some other Iftar snacks. Lo and behold they came back with iftar snacks for us from her too. Subhanallah!

On a side note: every year we as a family make a point to help out in serving dates, water bottles and food at iftars arranged in our local masjid. Besides that I send out iftar to our neighbors with my kids and the ya also see our neighbors sending us iftar too. So every time we discuss the purpose of this sharing........ "We are seeking Allah's pleasure and hoping for ajr from Allah Subhana wata'allah in this blessed month Ameen."


Umm Maimoonah said...

Assalaamu Alaikum Ukhtee

Masha Allaah great activities. Loved the date bags masha Allaah. For some reason I am not getting your post of my blog roll. Wonder why? Looks like some technical issue. I just hopped to your blog to see what you were upto and discovered many activities masha Allaah. Happy to know all of you are enjoying Ramadhaan masha Allaah!

Umm Umamah said...

Walaykum assalam ukhti,
Blogger does act wierd at times... May Allah put barakah in our time and make this learning truly meaningful and beneficial for us all Ameen I have been enjoying your posts too Mashallah!


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