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Ramadan Activities Day # 8


Lil Muallimah's Activities

Ramadan Vocabulary 

Todays vocabulary word was Salah

Lil Muallimah actually painted two of these sheets as she didn't like that one got a few drop of paint water unit! She even threw that one away before I could take it's picture. I had really liked color choices in that one.. :)

Ramadaan Activity Bag # 8

Steps of Wudu

I  practice wudu with Lil Mullimah every now and then and she sees us doing it too. For day 8 in relation to our yesterdays lesson of reading Quran and taharh and todays of Salah we discussed the importance of making wudu before these acts . It is a way of making ourselves clean  because At tahooro shatrul emaan. :)

Lil Muallimah lined up the steps of wudu cards from the Learning Roots product What's Next ? 

When I came back into the room I was delighted to find out that Lil Maullimah had placed them all in order herself with Lil maullim # 2 only asking her "Ok what do we do after this?" Alhumdolillah.

I really think it's important to let the older siblings take onto the teaching role from time to time. It not only helps us Homeschooling moms but more important;y it teaches them patience and experience the delight and awe the teacher feels when children do well.  Alhumdolillah !

Ramadan Calendar

Lil Muallimah has been breaking her Ramadan chain every day from our Ramadan Bulletin board wall. But I felt she was not completely comprehending the passing of days along with the new activity bags she got to pick everyday. So to give her a recognition and a step towards independence I made this small Ramadaan calendar for her. 

I made her color in the number for each activity bag she had already done. this way it was now easier for her to know which bag she would pick next while I say the number in arabic for her. Alhumdolillah. It's so fun to see how these lil ones enjoy a matching game of any sorts Mashallah!

Lil Muallim # 2's Activities


Mashallah Lil maullim # 2 prays salah everyday. Every now and then I ask him to recite the whole salah to me so I can check if anything  needs correction. So that's what we did with our salah lesson today. I am glad I did because I noticed he was mixing up his letters in 3 places. So we will continue the revision for a couple of more days Inshallah !

We discussed the timings of salah with respect to the position of the sun, with the  help of the What's Next cards.

He also looked up the salah timing from the Adhan software on our computer and marked the timings on the salah clock faces I got from TJ. You can find them here. I have lmainated these cards so he can update them everyday while practising time reading too...Alhumdolillah!

Asr time is missing because it got rubbed off .....(oops!)

  Lil maullim # 2 also laid down down the salah cards in steps and matched the related surah/dua/adhkar cards with them.

Imam says game

 This is an old game we play and my Lil Muallims love it. Especially because of the time they used to play it with  Lil Muallim # 2's friends at Islamic weekend school I taught. It's a twist on the the usual Simon says game. Just say:

 Imams says "rukoo" 

Imam says "taasleem"

and the child has to move from one position to the other. The catch is that if I just say the name of the position without saying Imam says, they cant change their position. Lil Muallim # 2 really enjoyed playing the game after a long time. Mashallah!



All praises are fro Allah who makes these wondrful parenting momets possible. Yet again I was humbled by my children. Once again they taught me that I have to trust them and let them explore and not fear they would hurt themselves just be there for support, guidance and attention. If you are wondering what I am talking about .... just scroll down to see what my Lil Muallims made using a sewing machine for the first time in their lives.

Lil Muallimahs prayer Mat

Lil Muallim # 2's Prayer Mat

Mashallah aren't these adorable? They are made out of felt. and yes they did make them themselves with me right with them. But honestly speaking they surprised me with their handling of the sewing machine. I, honestly had a much simpler project in mind with sewing by hand with a needle and thread. But Lil muallim requested if they could use my sewing machine. They have seen me and my mother using the sewing machine many times and they would always look intently. But I never realized how closely they had been watching Subhanallah. It was a revelation to me. They controlled the machine entirely by themselves following the lines I had drawn for them to follow easily and guiding their hands with mine. 

In the beginning they asked me when to stop but soon they started doing it quite accurately. Lil Muallimah surprised me the most Subhanallah! She  not only started controlling the cloth very well after a few lines but also moved her hands back into position as the cloth moved forward with the machine. Subhanallah!

The trimmings on the edges were made in the end. I did all the cutting for the trims for Lil Muallimah. but Lil Muallim # 2 did his by himself after I showed him how Mashallah!

Lil Muallim # 2 asked me for a person to pray the salah so I made my own lil craft too

The pipe cleaner doll can be used with hijab or without, and as its made with pipe cleaners they can change their body hand positions as they want.....

Later on a friends suggestion I tried the kufi from the Ramadan Sensory tub on it and it fitted it very well :):):) So I guess I will be making another pipe cleaner doll with matching clothes to go with the kufi Inshallah!


Ya Allah protect and preserve our family ! Make us steadfast in your way...... Ameen

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Umm Maimoonah said...

Subhanallaah what a lot of activities with great ideas. Masha Allaah, well done! Oh sweet little girl, she has really stitched well, definitely very much better than me. Love the prayer mats. The game on salah cards is a nice one to try. Insha Allaah will do with Maimoonah during our curriculum. Jazzakillaah Khayr for sharing just enjoyed every bit from your post!

By the way blogger is still not showing your post, tried adding again, no change : (


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