Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadan Activities Day # 3


On day 3 we continued our discussion on Ramadan and fasting. 

Lil Mualliamh's Activities

Ramadan Vocabulary Coloring

Believe it or not I was having problems with printing for the first two days but as Lil Muallimah loves coloring she actually did all her pending and todays worksheets in one sitting Mashallah! Mind you... not because I asked her to but because she kept  asking for more. Alhumdolillah. These Ramadan Vocabulary printables can be found here.

She traced each harf with her finger to get before coloring it

She also painted Tamr and at iftar time I showed her some different kinds of tamr Allah has made...Subhanallah

 Her observation "Some are dark brown and very squishy others are light brown and not so squishy."

Colors in Arabic

For Arabic I prefer to use Islamic Vocabulary and concpts as I would liek her to relate to Arabic not as a language but as teh languag of Quran. With taht in mind, a while ago I had made 3 part cards to teach colors in Arabic and had Lil Muallimah colored the mushaf herself. I finally took them out now in Ramadan. I introduced only 3 colors this time.

Lil Maullim # 2 actually did this activity first and then showed Lil Muallimah how to do it. Mashallah!

I made sure to add the pink mushaf. Lil Muallimah had the brightest smile and eyes when she matched the pink mushaf.....Mashallah.... :):):):):)

Allah gave Quran Craft

Here's a lil craft Lil Muallimah and I made today. She did all the coloring and I did the cutting. She insisted on sticking everything herself. She chose the colors for the foam hearts and the Popsicle sticks and also what would go on which heart.

The pictures are quite self explanatory for all the steps.

Taa Daaaaaa

When looking at this craft Lil Muallimah has to point to corresponding hearts while saying "Allah gave Quran to Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihiwasallam for...........( Lil Muallimah's name) to submit to Him"

 I hope to discuss what submitting to Allah means with examples when we look up to this craft every day Inshallah!
I didn't write her name in till after taking the picture. She can read her name in arabic and english from sight memory. Mashallah! 

Abi really liked this and the following craft made by Lil maullim # 2  which made the two very happy Mashallah!

Lil Muallim # 2's Activities

Iftar Dua Magnet

First I aksed Lil Muallim # 2 to recite the iftar dua. Then I asked him to add the harakahs, he did thsi with my help. Next he colored it in with constant questions of what would make it look good? :) I drew the outline for the smaller heart to enclose the dua so he could shade lighlty in that. Once he was done the coloring I cut it out and he stuck onto the magnetic sheet. I helped him laminate the top with contact sheet. You can find the Iftar Dua Craft Prinatble here.

On our fridge.

There was actually a mistake in the harakat placements which I later fixed with a permanent marker over the contact sheet.
I really enjoyed the fact that Lil Muallim # 1 and # 2 checked the magnet a couple of times at Iftar dua while reciting the dua to fix their vowels :) Alhumdolillah !

Deed Picking Game

To enhance my Lil Muallims understanding of the concept of "Fasting is a shield" (covered on day 2 see here ) we played a game. I asked them to tell me of some good and bad deeds and wrote some on my own. 

They then placed the lil chits in bowl and placed their shields in front of them. 

The Game: They were asked what would they do if they were given some choices when they were fasting?
To play the game they picked out a chit tun by turn and read what it said. Lil Muallim # 2 did the reading for Lil Maullimah. They then had to decide if it was a good deed or a bad deed. If it was a bad deed they had grab onto their shields and hold it up screaming "As siyaamo Junnah" (fasting is a shield) Hence reinforcing that fasting protects us from doing bad deeds as it is a shield.
You can see that they made separate piles for the good and bad deeds on the sides of the bowl

They thouroughly enjoyed playing the game and played it two times in one sitting Mashallah. Then when Lil maullim # 2 went off to pray Asr salah Lil Muallimaah played it by herself with me reading the  deed cards for her.

Personally what I liked about this game was that we can reinforce the concept of many good and bad deeds by just changing the deed cards and keeping the game exciting cause they won't be the same every time.

I found my Lil maullims telling their older brother all about their game later on and chanting out As siyaamo Junnah excitedly the rest of the evening. 


I would really like to copy Umm Maimoonah's dua here....


May Allah Accept our deeds this Ramadan and give us the strength to perform all that which is good and protect us from all the evil thought and actions and give us the much needed patience with our children who are given to us by HIM as Amanah and make it easy for us to instill the core of Ramadan in them and guide us to give correct Tasfiyah (purificaion) and Tarbiyah (cultivation) Ameen


Umm Maimoonah said...

Assalaamu Alaikum!

Oh masha Allaah Muallimah is too sweet to make those comments about the dates masha Allaah. Love all the crafts! Well done!

Umm Umamah said...

Walaykum assalam ukhti,

jazakallaho khairun we did enjoy doing all these activities Alhumdolillah. May Allah protect our children Ameen


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